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CAP-CRM prize in theoretical and mathematical physics
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2021 Robert Raussendorf
2020 - not awarded
2019 Jaume Gomis
2018 Ariel Zhitnitsky
2017 Raymond Laflamme
2016 Freddy Cachazo
2015 Charles Gale
2014 Mark Van Raamsdonk
2012 Luc Vinet
2011 Robert Brandenberger
2010 Clifford Burgess
2009 Hong Guo
2008 Richard Cleve
2007 Joël Feldman
2006 John Harnad
2005 Robert C. Myers
2004 Jiri Patera
2003 Matthew W. Choptuik
2002 Pavel Winternitz
2001 André-Marie Tremblay
2000 Gordon W. Semenoff
1999 David J. Rowe
1998 J. Richard Bond
1997 Ian Affleck
1996 William G. Unruh
1995 Werner Israel

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The CRM created and administers, either alone or jointly, four of the eight major national prizes in the mathematical sciences, namely:  the CRM–Fields–PIMS Prize,  the Prize for Theoretical Physics awarded in collaboration with the Canadian Association of Physicists (CAP), the Prize for young researchers in Statistics awarded jointly with the Statistical Society of Canada (SSC), and the CRM Aisenstadt Prize awarded to rising young Canadian stars, selected by CRM's Scientific Advisory Panel. The CRM has invested enormously in time, effort and in its own resources, to propel leading Canadian scientists into the spotlight, giving them international recognition when they most need it. 

CRM–Fields–PIMS Prize