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The CRM is strongly committed to its national mission and takes measures to ensure that the largest possible number of scientists across Canada benefits from its activities and become involved in their planning. For instance, it appoints to its Scientific Advisory Committee eminent Canadian scientists from various parts of the country; it is present at all important forums where the future directions of the Canadian mathematical sciences are discussed; it urges its organizers to make efforts to ensure the participation of the Canadian specialists in their activities; it organizes and supports scientific events across the country; it collaborates with Canadian institutes, societies and associations. A specific budget is set aside each year for the participation of Canadian graduate students in its programs.

The CRM is the only national institute that operates in the two official languages of Canada and it is highly visible on the international scene. In keeping with its national role, it coordinates its activities with the Fields Institute, PIMS, the Canadian Mathematical Society (CMS), MITACS, the Canadian Applied and Industrial Mathematics Society (CAIMS), the Statistical Society of Canada (SSC), the Canadian Association of Physicists (CAP), and other societies as well with other institute abroad.

On the Quebec scene, CRM collaborates actively with the Institut des sciences mathématiques (ISM) on all questions regarding students and postdoctoral fellows training, the promotion of teaching and mathematical research for the general public and relations between universities, colleges and schools.

Together, in 2006 the CRM and the ISM have launched the ACCROMATH project, a unique magazine and web site in Canada inspired by Pi in the Sky, aimed at secondary school teachers and students. Here and in Europe, this magazine has immediately triggered enthousiasm.

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