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Scientific activities


Calendar of scientific activities

• June 1-30, 2019Homological Algebra, Microlocal Analysis and Symplectic Geometry
• July 1-31, 2019Expansions, Lie algebras and Invariants
• Aug. 1-31, 2019Quiver Varieties and Representation Theory
• Sept. 1-30, 2019Low-Dimensional Topology
• Sept. 3-7, 2019Workshop on New Trends in Polynomial Differential Systems
• Oct. 1-31, 2019Mixed Integer Nonlinear Programming: Theory and Computation
• Nov. 1-30, 2019Mathematical Physiology – Better Health Through Mathematics

• June 3-21, 2019Mini-courses and lectures: Homological Algebra, Microlocal Analysis and Symplectic Geometry
• June 24-28, 2019Conference: Homological Algebra, Microlocal Analysis and Symplectic Geometry

• Aug. 5-9, 2019Focus week on cluster algebras and quiver representations
• Aug. 12-16, 2019Workshop on quiver varieties and representation theory
• Aug. 19-23, 2019Focus week on quiver varieties

Grandes conférences publiques du CRM

Lectures by Prize Winners

Interdisciplinary and Industrial Program

• Aug. 19-23, 2019Ninth Montreal Industrial Problem Solving Workshop

Short Thematic Program

General Program at CRM and External Activities Supported by CRM

• June 10-14, 2019A Celebration of Geometry, Analysis and Physics. Conference honouring Niky Kamran on his 60th birthday
• July 1-5, 2019XIth International Symposium: Quantum Theory and Symmetries(QTS)
• July 21-26, 2019SMB 2019 Annual Meeting of the Society for Mathematical Biology
• Aug. 26-30, 20199th International Conference on Quantum Cryptography
• Oct. 18-19, 201963e Congrès de l'AMQ


• July 1-12, 2019SMS 2019 Summer School: Current Trends in Symplectic Topology

CRM Laboratories
• July 15-19, 2019Summer School on Nonlinear Dynamics in Life Sciences

CRM-ISM Colloquium
Colloques des sciences mathématiques du Québec