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2010 CAP_CRM Prize Recipient

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2011 CAP-CRM
Robert Brandenberger (McGill) [ français ]

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The Canadian Association of Physicists (CAP) and the Centre de recherches mathématiques (CRM) are pleased to announce that the 2011 CAP-CRM Prize in Theoretical and Mathematical Physics is awarded to Prof. Robert Brandenberger, McGill University, for his pioneering contributions in the area of theoretical cosmology especially the interplay of particle physics and cosmology. announcement

Professor Brandenberger is one of the leading theoretical cosmologists in the world, and is well-known for his contributions to areas such as String Cosmology (a field where he is considered a founding father), cosmological fluctuations, preheating, and trans-Planckian physics. Observational and experimental cosmology have over the past years entered a “golden age”, owing to an unprecedented data acquisition rate on the structure of our Universe. Robert has remained at the forefront of this revolution, and has in fact generated a large portion of this excitement through his very own research effort. Remarkably, his theoretical work remains closely connected with the rapid pace of experimental developments. Robert Brandenberger has authored an abundance of authorative papers on the many facets of theoretical cosmology, including several that have become classic references. With over 200 published papers, Robert's extensive work straddles particle physics and astrophysics, and has maintained a very high level of quality. He is a creative and prolific scientist, and is one of Canada's most cited theoretical physicist. Professor Brandenberger's work was also recognized by a Killam Research Fellowship, a Canada Research Chair, and by a Fellowship of the American Physical Society. nominator citation

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