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CRM-3303Momeya Ouabo, R. H., Morales, M.On the price of risk of the underlying Markov chain in a regime-switching exponential Lévy model
CRM-3314Desgagné, A., Lafaye de Micheaux, P., Leblanc, A.Test of normality against generalized exponential power alternatives
CRM-3307 / arXiv:1011.1429Vinet, L., Zhedanov, A.A limit $q = -1$ for big $q$-Jacobi polynomials
CRM-3306 / arXiv:1105.0701Vinet, L., Zhedanov, A.Representations of the Schrödinger groups and matrix orthogonal polynomials
CRM-3313 / arXiv:1101.4216Harnad, J., van de Leur, J., Orlov, A. Y.Multiple sums and integrals as neutral BKP tau functions
CRM-3305Vinet, L., Zhedanov, A.A \‘missing\’ family of classical orthogonal polynomials
CRM-3308Vinet, L., Zhedanov, A.A Bochner theorem for Dunkl polynomials
CRM-3310Blanchet, G., Delfour, M. C., Garon, A.Quadratic models to fit experimental data of Paclitaxel release kinetics from biodegradable polymers
CRM-3309Harnad, J., Enolskii, V.Schur function expansions of KP $\tau$ functions associated to algebraic curves
CRM-3312Schlomiuk, D., Vulpe, N.The global topological classification of the Lotka–Volterra quadratic differential systems
CRM-3311Bouezmarni, T., Roy, R., Taamouti, A.Nonparametric tests for conditional independence using conditional distributions
CRM-3305Labrecque-Synnott, F., Angers, J.-F.Bayesian model-based clustering of continuous zero-modified data
CRM-3302Cafaro, M., Tempesta, P.Finding the majority element in parallel
CRM-3299Tempesta, P.Integrable maps via associative algebras and number sequences
CRM-3300Levi, D., Tempesta, P.Multiple-scale analysis of dynamical systems on the lattice
CRM-3298Tempesta, P.The universal formal group, Almkvist–Meurman type congruences and zeta functions
CRM-3297Dugas, C.Bandwidth selection for ROC curves revisited
CRM-3304Labrecque-Synnott, F., Angers, J.-F.Bayesian estimation and testing for continuous zero-modified models
CRM-3296Morales, M., Olivares, P.On the expected discounted penalty function for a risk model perturbed by a spectrally negative Levy process
CRM-3295Elmahdaoui, R. A., Dugas, C.Using credit default swap information in stock trading

July 19, 2006