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CRM-1788 / arXiv:hep-th/9210089Adams, M., Harnad, J., Hurtubise, J.Darboux coordinates and Liouville–Arnol\′d integration in loop algebras
CRM-1997Boyer, C. P., Hurtubise, J., Mann, B. M., Milgram, J.The topology of instanton moduli spaces I: The Atiyah-Jones conjecture
CRM-2153Couture, M., Patera, J., Sharp, R., Winternitz, P.Graded contractions of $\operatorname{sl}(3,\mathbb{C})$
CRM-1996Rousseau, C., Dumortier, F., Roussarie, R.Hilbert's 16th problem for quadratic vector fields
CRM-2154Sharp, R., de Guise, H.Polynomial states for SU(3) and SO(5) in a Demazure-Tits basis
CRM-1793Antimirov, M. Y., Kolyshkin, A. A., Vaillancourt, R.A perturbation method for asymmetric problems in eddy current testing
CRM-1790Delfour, M. C., Zolésio, J.-P.Adjoint state in the control of variational inequalities
CRM-1717Clarke, F. H., Wolenski, P. R.Estimating the effect of perturbating the time delay in optimal control
CRM-1993Mardesic, P., Rousseau, C., Toni, B.Linearization of isochronous polynomial systems
CRM-1794Harnad, J., Wisse, M.-A.Matrix nonlinear Schrödinger equations and moment maps into loop algebras
CRM-1715Howland, J. L., Thompson, A., Vaillancourt, R.On the dynamics of a meromorphic function
CRM-1720Diacu, F. N.On the smoothness of regularization in Newtonian gravitational systems
CRM-1994Kamran, N., González-López, A., Olver, P. J.Quasi-exactly solvable real Lie algebras of first-order differential operators in the real plane
CRM-1792Howland, J. L., Vaillancourt, R.Rational transformation from Schur to Jordan form
CRM-1796Floreanini, R., Vinet, L.Representations of quantum algebras and $q$-special functions
CRM-1791Sharp, P. W., Malek, F., Vaillancourt, R.The minimum number of stages for explicit Runge-Kutta-Nyström pairs
CRM-1797Clarke, F. H., Redheffer, R. M.The proximal subgradient and constancy
CRM-1995Van Vliet, C. M., Varani, L., Kuhn, T., Reggiani, L.The role of excited levels at impurity center for generation-recombination noise in semiconductors: Possible source of high frequency $1/f$ noise
CRM-1795Moody, R. V., Patera, J.Voronoï and Delaunay cells of root lattices: classification of their faces and facets by Coxeter–Dynkin diagrams
CRM-1780Kondrashov, V. S., Moroz, Z. D., Kolyshkin, A. A., Vaillancourt, R.A computer program for the identification of nuclides by using median estimates of peak areas in gamma-ray spectra
CRM-1989Sankoff, D., Rousseau, P.A test for mixed rules
CRM-1781Constantinescu, M., Sankoff, D.An efficient algorithm for supertrees
CRM-1990Giri, N. C., Das, K., Meneghini, Q.Improved estimators of variance components in balanced hierarchical mixed models
CRM-1783de Montigny, M., Patera, J.Kinematical groups and graded contractions of the de Sitter groups
CRM-1789Van Vliet, C. M.Limiting $1/f$-like noise in mesoscopic devices
CRM-1991Van Vliet, C. M., Handel, P. H.Obituary A. van der Ziel (1910-1991)
CRM-1785Langlands, R. P., Pichet, C., Pouliot, P., Saint-Aubin, Y.On the universality of crossing probabilities in two-dimensional percolation
CRM-1784Delfour, M. C., Morgan, J.One-side derivative of minmax and saddle points with respect to a parameter
CRM-1787Ye, J. J.Perturbed infinite horizon optimal control problems
CRM-1992Bélair, J.Stability in delayed neural networks
CRM-1707Kolyshkin, A. A., Vaillancourt, R.Stability of internally generated thermal convection in a tall vertical annulus
CRM-1782Bérubé, D., de Montigny, M.The computer calculation of graded contractions of Lie algebras and their representations
CRM-1771Floreanini, R., Vinet, L.$q$-hypergeometric functions and $\operatorname{sl}_q(2)$
CRM-1773Floreanini, R., Vinet, L.$q$-oscillators and quantum superalgebras
CRM-1779Destrempes, F., Pianzola, A.A combinatorial aspect of elements of compact connected simple Lie groups
CRM-1769Kantor, I. L., Patera, J.A construction of transitively differential groups of degree 3
CRM-1770Benoît, L., Saint-Aubin, Y.A pedagogical presentation of singular vectors
CRM-1776Floreanini, R., Vinet, L.Braid group action on the $q$-Weyl algebra
CRM-1987Rahman, Q. I., Clunie, J.Extension of a theorem of J. H. Grace to trancendental entire functions
CRM-1988Beuter, A., Bélair, J., Labrie, C.Feedback and delays in neurological diseases: A modeling study using dynamical systems
CRM-1778Destrempes, F., Pianzola, A.On a result of Djokovi\ć: Elements of compact connected simple Lie groups with given field of characters
CRM-1772Floreanini, R., Leites, D. A., Vinet, L.On the defining relations of quantum superalgebras
CRM-1775Andreanov, A., Ioffe, M. V., Spiridonov, V., Vinet, L.Parasupersymmetry and truncated supersymmetry in quantum mechanics
CRM-1774Floreanini, R., Vinet, L.Quantum algebras and $q$-special functions
CRM-1777Skierski, M.The subalgebra structures of the algebras associated with the symmetry groups of the 3 + 1-dimensional Landau-Ginzburg equations with arbitrary signatures
CRM-1986Dubuc, S., Deslauriers, G.A distributional solution to a special refinement equation
CRM-1765Clarke, F. H.A mean-value theorem for eigenvalues in Hilbert space
CRM-1762Slimani, O., Vaillancourt, R.Estimation du conditionnement spectral d'une matrice
CRM-1764Clarke, F. H.Functional growth and solvability of eigenvalue problems
CRM-1767Destrempes, F.Generalization of a result of Shankar Sen. II: Representations modulo low powers of primes associated with $p$-adic field extensions
CRM-1761Harnad, J., Paré, J.-P.Kaluza-Klein approach to the motion of strings with spin and distributed non-Abelian charge
CRM-1755Kolyshkin, A. A., Okoulich-Kazarin, E. G., Vaillancourt, R.Mathematical and computational models for the hot-wire determination of thermal properties of gases and fluids
CRM-1763Farenick, D.Matricial extensions of the numerical range: A brief survey
CRM-1760Clarke, F. H., Wolenski, P. R.Necessary conditions for functional differential inclusions
CRM-1759Clarke, F. H.On the spectra of nonlinear functionals
CRM-1757Gazeau, J.-P., Hussin, V.Poincaré contraction of SU(1,1) Fock-Bargmann structure
CRM-1768Van Vliet, C. M., Huisso, A.Quantum $1/f$ noise of electromagnetic origin caused by electron-phonon scattering: A QED framework
CRM-1758Van Vliet, C. M., Samson, T.Quantum Boltzmann transport equation in the presence of interactions; application to the 2D Hall effect
CRM-1756Van Vliet, C. M., Brophy, J. J.Theory and experiment of noise in $\beta’’$ alumina solid electrolytes
CRM-1981Schlomiuk, D.Elementary first integrals of polynomial systems with a center
CRM-1983Dubuc, S., Baouche, A.La non-dérivabilité de la fonction de Weierstrass
CRM-1979Kamran, N., Anderson, I.The variational bicomplex for second order scalar partial differential equations in the plane I: Generalized Laplace invariants and their applications
CRM-1982Rousseau, C., Zoladek, H.Zeroes of complete elliptic integrals for 1:2 resonance
CRM-1753Voiculescu, D.Around quasidiagonal operators
CRM-1754Patera, J.Graded contractions of Lie algebras, representations and tensor products
CRM-1977Rosenberg, I. G., Miyakawa, M., Nakamura, K., Ramik, J.Joint canonical fuzzy numbers
CRM-1752Gingras, F., Patera, J., Sharp, R.Orbit-orbit branching rules between simple low-rank algebras and equal-rank subalgebras
CRM-1974Lessard, S.Statistical models for sex ratio evolution
CRM-1978Dubuc, S., Deslauriers, G.Symmetric iterative interpolation processes. Erratum
CRM-1975Perron, F.Testing independence with additional information
CRM-1976Brunet, R. C., Adler, F. R.The dynamics of simultaneous infections with altered susceptibilities
CRM-1973Sankoff, D., Poplack, S., Vanniarajan, S.The empirical study of code-switching
CRM-1747Farenick, D., Morenz, P. B.$C^*$-extreme points of some compact $C^*$-convex sets
CRM-1748Kerov, S. V.A $q$-analog of the hook walk algorithm for random Young tableaux
CRM-1751Voiculescu, D.A note on the augmentation ideal of certain rings associated with free groups
CRM-1749Sankoff, D., Abel, Y., Hein, J.A tree, a window, a hill; generalization of nearest-neighbour interchange in phylogenetic optimization
CRM-1968Rahman, Q. I., Schmeisser, G.Characterization of functions in terms of rates of convergence of a quadrature process III. Constructive theory of functions
CRM-1972Dubuc, S., Malik, A.Convex hull of powers of a complex number, trinomial equations and the Farey sequence
CRM-1750Dykema, K.Free products of free group factors with matrix algebras and the hyperfinite II1-factor; asymptotic freeness of non-Gaussian random matrices
CRM-1969Delfour, M. C.Modélisation des ressources du spectre radio, Phase III
CRM-1970Reyes, G. E., La Palme Reyes, M.Montague's semantics for intensional logic
CRM-1971Schlomiuk, N.The rigorous foundations of mathematical analysis: An historical approach
CRM-1965Pouzet, M., Rosenberg, I. G., Stone, M. G.A projection property
CRM-1967Reyes, G. E.A topos-theoretic approach to reference and modality
CRM-1744Lafrance, P., Lehar, F., Loiseau, B., Winternitz, P.Antinucleon-nucleon scattering formalism and possible tests of CPT invariance
CRM-1742Nica, A.Asymptotically free families of random unitaries in symmetric groups
CRM-1963Reyes, G. E., Zolfaghari, H.Bi-Heyting algebras, toposes and modalities
CRM-1741Destrempes, F., Pianzola, A.Elements of compact connected simple Lie groups with prime power order and given field of characters
CRM-1740Chase, S. U., Destrempes, F.Factorizability, Grothendieck groups, and Galois module structure
CRM-1966La Palme Reyes, M., Macnamara, J., Reyes, G. E.Functoriality and grammatical role in syllogisms
CRM-1739Destrempes, F.Generalization of a result of Shankar Sen: Integral representations associated with $p$-adic field extensions
CRM-1745Dempster, M. A. H., Ye, J. J.Generalized Bellman-Hamilton-Jacobi optimality conditions for a control problem with a boundary condition
CRM-1962Giri, N. C., Behara, M., Banerjee, P. K.Locally minimax tests of independence in elliptically symmetrical distribution
CRM-1746Benoît, L., Saint-Aubin, Y.Singular vectors of the Neveu-Schwarz algebra
CRM-1743Melkonian, S., Winternitz, P.Symmetry properties and solutions of nonlinear dispersive thin film equations in three-dimensions
CRM-1964Reyes, G. E., Zolfaghari, H.Topos-theoretic approaches to modality
CRM-1738Atakishiyev, N., Suslov, S. K.A realization of the $q$-harmonic oscillator
CRM-1737Benoît, L., Saint-Aubin, Y.An explicit formula for some singular vectors of the Neveu-Schwarz algebra
CRM-1736Winternitz, P., Grundland, A. M., Tuszynski, J. A.Nonlinear magnetization processes in the Landau-Ginzburg model of magnetic inhomogeneities for uniaxial ferromagnets
CRM-1959Frigon, M., Granas, A.Problèmes aux limites pour des inclusions différentielles de type semi-continues inférieurement
CRM-1952La Palme Reyes, M., Macnamara, J., Reyes, G. E.Reference, kinds and predicates
CRM-1734Farenick, D.$C^*$-convexity, unitary orbits, and irreducible elements in matrix algebras
CRM-1956Rosenberg, I. G., Machida, H.A \“large\” essentially minimal clone over an infinite set
CRM-1730Diacu, F. D.A generic property of the bounded syzygy solutions
CRM-1953Roussarie, R., Rousseau, C.Almost planar homoclinic loops in $\mathbb{R}^3$
CRM-1957Rousseau, C., Blows, T.Bifurcations at infinity in polynomial vector fields
CRM-1950Anderson, I., Kamran, N.Conservation laws and the variational bicomplex for second order scalar hyperbolic equations in the plane
CRM-1733Voiculescu, D.Entropy of random walks on groups and the Macaev norm
CRM-1955Pouzet, M., Rosenberg, I. G.General metrics and contracting operations
CRM-1951Das, K., Meneghini, Q., Giri, N. C.Inadmissibility of an estimator of the ratio of the variance components
CRM-1731Harnad, J., Paré, J.-P.Kaluza-Klein approach to the motion of non-Abelian charged particles with spin
CRM-1728Hussin, V., Winternitz, P., Zassenhaus, H.Maximal Abelian subalgebras of pseudo-orthogonal Lie algebras
CRM-1732Winternitz, P.Similarity solutions of equations of nonlinear optics
CRM-1729Gazeau, J.-P., Winternitz, P.Symmetries of variable coefficient Korteweg-de Vries equations
CRM-1954Rousseau, C., Schlomiuk, D., Thibaudeau, P.The centres in the reduced Kukles system
CRM-1723Ye, J. J.A nonsmooth maximum principle for infinite horizon problems
CRM-1949Kass, S. N., Moody, R. V., Patera, J., Slansky, R. C.Affine Lie algebras, weight multiplicities and branching rules
CRM-1722Leng-Shatford, X., Moody, R. V., Patera, J.Contractions of representations of classical Lie algebras with respect to their maximal parabolic subalgebras
CRM-1947Reyes, G. E., Macnamara, J., La Palme Reyes, M.Logic and the trinity
CRM-1945Sankoff, D.Models and analyses of genomic evolution
CRM-1946Reyes, G. E., Moerdijk, I.Models for smooth infinitesimal analysis
CRM-1721Diacu, F. N.On the topological structure of negligible sets for flows
CRM-1724Winternitz, P.Physical applications of Painlevé type equations quadratic in the highest derivatives
CRM-1726Doual, N., Howland, J. L., Vaillancourt, R.Selective solutions to transcendental equations
CRM-1727Delfour, M. C., Towaij, S.Spectrum quality indicators for the the land mobile system
CRM-1725Infeld, E., Rowlands, G., Winternitz, P.Stability analysis for the quartic Landau-Ginzburg model II

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