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CRM-2059Boyer, C. P., Hurtubise, J., Mann, B. M., Milgram, J.The topology of the space of rational maps into generalized flag manifolds
CRM-2060Angers, J.-F., MacGibbon, B., Wang, S.A robust Bayesian approach to the estimation of intra-block exchangeable normal means with applications
CRM-1842Sankoff, D.Analytical approaches to genomic evolution
CRM-1843Mongeau, M., Sartenaer, A.Automatic decrease of the penalty parameter in exact penalty function methods
CRM-2055Rousseau, C.Bifurcation methods in polynomial systems
CRM-2057Dubuc, S., Desaulniers, G., Soumis, F.Comparaisons de longueurs de courbes et d'aires de surfaces
CRM-2063Delfour, M. C., Morgan, J.Derivative of saddle points under relaxed assumptions
CRM-2058Bélair, J., Campbell, S. A.Multiple-delayed differential equations as models for biological control systems
CRM-2062Delfour, M. C., Ouansafi, A.Noniterative approximations to the solution of the matrix Riccati differential equation
CRM-2061Delfour, M. C., Zolésio, J.-P.Oriented distance functions in shape analysis and optimization
CRM-2056Rosenberg, I. G., Lashkia, V., Miyakawa, M., Noaki, A.Semirigid sets of diamond orders
CRM-1839Sankoff, D.Aspects of sequence segmentation induced by an inventory of networks
CRM-2050Frigon, M., Lee, J. W.Existence principles for Carathéodory differential equations in Banach spaces
CRM-2054Delfour, M. C., Zolésio, J.-P.Functional analytic methods in shape analysis
CRM-1841Winternitz, P.Lie groups and solutions of nonlinear partial differential equations
CRM-2052Dubuc, S., Baouche, A.Minimisation de fonctions sans dérivée
CRM-2051Perron, F.Monotonic minimax estimators of a 2 × 2 covariance matrix
CRM-2053Delfour, M. C., Zolésio, J.-P.On a variational equation for thin shells
CRM-1840Rideau, G., Winternitz, P.Representations of the quantum algebra $\mathfrak{su}_q(2)$ on a real two-dimensional sphere
CRM-2047Saint-Aubin, Y.Conformal invariance of 2-d percolation on a branched space with boundary
CRM-2048Rousseau, C., Schlomiuk, D.Cubic vector fields symmetric with respect to a center
CRM-2046Frigon, M., Gorniewicz, L., Kaczynski, T.Differential inclusions and implicit equations on closed subsets of $\mathbb{R}^n$
CRM-2045Brunet, R. C., Halloran, M. E., Longini, I. M., Struchiner, C. J., Haber, M. J.Exposure efficacy and change in contact rates in evaluating HIV vaccines in the field
CRM-1835Gautrin, H.-F., Grundland, A. M., Lalague, L.Partially invariant solutions to the fluid dynamics equations
CRM-1838El Gradechi, A., De Bièvre, S.Phase space quantum mechanics on the anti-de Sitter spacetime and its Poincaré contraction
CRM-1837Wisse, M.-A.Quasi-periodic solutions for matrix nonlinear Schrödinger equations
CRM-2049Rosenberg, I. G., Miyakawa, M., Nozaki, A., Pogosyan, G.Semirigid sets of central relations over a finite domain
CRM-1836Champagne, B., Patera, J.Voronoï and Delaunay cells of weight lattices
CRM-1830Moody, R. V., Patera, J.A Coxeter diagram description of faces of Voronoï cells and their duals
CRM-2040Delfour, M. C., Morgan, J.A complement to the differentiability of saddle points and Min Max
CRM-2042Bélair, J.Cellules nerveuses, réseaux neuronaux et retards
CRM-1829Abada, A., Bougourzi, H., El Gradechi, A.Deformation of the Wakimoto construction
CRM-2043Bélair, J., Babai, D.Discontinuous approximations to differential-delay equations using differential inclusions
CRM-1833Benoît, L., Saint-Aubin, Y.Fusion and the Neveu-Schwarz singular vectors
CRM-1832Fehér, L., Harnad, J., Marshall, I. D.Generalized Drinfel\′d–Sokolov reductions and KdV type hierarchies
CRM-1834del Olmo, M., Rodríguez, M. A., Winternitz, P.Integrable systems based on $\operatorname{SU}(p,p)$ homogeneous manifolds
CRM-1831Harnad, J., Wisse, M.-A.Isospectral flow in loop algebras and quasiperiodic solutions of the sine-Gordon equation
CRM-1828Moody, R. V., Patera, J.Quasicrystals and icosians
CRM-2041Lessard, S.The mathematics of resource allocation II. Intraspecific competition
CRM-2044Dubuc, S., Elqortobi, A.The support function of an attractor
CRM-1827Bougourzi, H., El Gradechi, A.Vertex realization of the SU(2)2 quantum current algebra
CRM-1825Sankoff, D., Abel, Y., Hein, J.A tree — a window — a hill; Generalization of nearest-neighbour interchange in phylogenetic optimization
CRM-1820Ben-El-Mechaiekh, H.Continuous approximations of set-valued maps and fixed points
CRM-1826Dubois, S., Sankoff, D.Discourse enumerators and Schegloff's denominator
CRM-2039Schlomiuk, D.Elementary first integrals of differential equations and invariant algebraic curves
CRM-1824Kececioglu, J., Sankoff, D.Exact and approximation algorithms for the inversion distance between two permutations
CRM-1819del Olmo, M., Patera, J., Rodríguez, M. A.Fine gradings of $\operastorname{sl}(4,\mathbb{C})$: Maximal sets of additive quantum numbers
CRM-2037Sankoff, D., Leduc, G., Antoine, M., Paquin, B., Lang, B. F., Cedergren, R.Gene order comparisons for phylogenetic inference: Evolution of the mitochondrial genome
CRM-1821Grundland, A. M., Tafel, J.Group invariant solutions to the Einstein equations with pure radiation fields
CRM-2038Winternitz, P., Martina, L., Soliani, G.Partially invariant solutions of a class of nonlinear Schrödinger equations
CRM-1823Clarke, F. H., Stern, R. J., Wolenski, P. R.Subgradient criteria for monotonicity and the Lipschitz condition
CRM-1822Bérubé, D., de Montigny, M.A MATHEMATICA program for the calculation of Lie point symmetries of systems of differential equations
CRM-1817Antimirov, M. Y., Kolyshkin, A. A., Vaillancourt, R.Application of the perturbation method in eddy current testing
CRM-2032Frigon, M., Kaczynski, T.Boundary value problems for systems of implicit differential equations
CRM-1816Antimirov, M. Y., Kolyshkin, A. A., Vaillancourt, R.Eddy current testing of eccentric tubes by a perturbation method
CRM-2036Dubuc, S., Nekka, F.General interpolation schemes for the generation of irregular surfaces
CRM-2033Giri, N. C.On an optimum test of the equality of two covariance matrices
CRM-2034Rahman, Q. I., Watt, A. O.On trigonometric polynomials with only real zeros
CRM-2035Winternitz, P., Martina, L.Partially invariant solutions of nonlinear Klein-Gordon and Laplace equations
CRM-1818Delfour, M. C., Zolésio, J.-P.Shape analysis via oriented distance functions
CRM-2031Frigon, M.Théorèmes d'existence pour des problèmes aux limites sans condition de croissance
CRM-2027Rahman, Q. I., Grozev, G. R.Entire functions of exponential type belonging to $L^p(\mathbb{R})$
CRM-2029Rosenberg, I. G., Machida, H.Essentially minimal groupoids
CRM-1815Kolyshkin, A. A., Vaillancourt, R.Exact solutions for unsteady convection-diffusion problems
CRM-2030Angers, J.-F., Delampady, M.Hierarchical Bayesian locally smoothed curve fitting
CRM-2026Kamran, N., González-López, A., Olver, P. J.Lie algebras of differential operators in two complex variables
CRM-2028Perron, F.Minimax estimators of a covariance matrix
CRM-2024Dubuc, S., Baouche, A.A unified approach for nondifferentiable functions
CRM-1812Winternitz, P., Gazeau, J.-P.Allowed transformations and symmetry classes of variable coefficient Korteweg-de Vries equations
CRM-2023Gauthier, P. M., Heimonen, J., Zwick , D.Axiomatic approximation
CRM-2022Winternitz, P., Kibler, M., Lamot, G. H.Classical trajectories for two ring shaped potentials
CRM-1814Kolyshkin, A. A., Okoulich-Kazarin, E. G., Vaillancourt, R.On the theory of the transient hot-wire method
CRM-2021Delfour, M. C., Chalifour, A.Optimal distribution of larvicide in running waters
CRM-1813Leng-Shatford, X., Patera, J.Parabolic contractions of $\operatorname{sl}(n,\mathbb{C})$
CRM-2020Delfour, M. C.Technologies pour l'assignation des fréquences du spectre inférieures à 1 GHz
CRM-2025Angers, J.-F.Use of Student-t prior for the estimation of normal means: A computational approach
CRM-2018Giri, N. C., Perron, F.Best equivariant estimation in curved covariance model
CRM-1809Sankoff, D.Edit distance for genome comparison based on non-local operations
CRM-1810Sankoff, D.Efficient optimal decomposition of a sequence into disjoint regions, each matched to some template in an inventory
CRM-1807Brunet, R. C., Struchiner, C. J., Halloran, M. E.On the distribution of vaccine protection under heterogeneous response
CRM-1808Ferretti, V., Sankoff, D.The empirical discovery of phylogenetic invariants
CRM-2019Gauthier, P. M., Bagby, T.Uniform approximation by global harmonic functions
CRM-1806Stern, R. J., Ye, J. J.Variational analysis of an extended eigenvalue problem
CRM-2016Gauthier, P. M.Approximation by (pluri)subharmonic functions: Fusion and localization
CRM-2017Angers, J.-F., Delampady, M.Bayesian curve fitting and smoothing
CRM-1802Frigon, M.Boundary and periodic value problems for systems of nonlinear second order differential equations
CRM-2012Perron, F.Confidence sets having the shape of a half-space
CRM-1805Farenick, D., Hadwin, D.Finitely strongly reductive operators
CRM-1801de Montigny, M., Patera, J.Graded contractions of complex simple Lie algebra $\beta_2$ and its representations
CRM-2013Rousseau, C., Toni, B.Local bifurcation of critical periods in vector fields with homogeneous nonlinearities of the third degree
CRM-2015Gauthier, P. M., Frih, E.Polynomial approximation on certain Lipschitz graphs in $\mathbb{C}$
CRM-2011Reyes, G. E., La Palme Reyes, M., Macnamara, J.Reference, kinds and predicates
CRM-2010Lessard, S.Relatedness and inclusive fitness with inbreeding
CRM-1804Farenick, D.Some generalized states on $C^*$-algebras
CRM-2014Rosenberg, I. G., Miyakawa, M., Otsu, N.Three criteria for selecting variables in the construction of efficient decision trees
CRM-1803Moody, R. V., Patera, J.Voronoï domains and dual cells in the generalized kaleidoscope with applications to root and weight lattices
CRM-2009Gauthier, P. M., Bagby, T.An arc of finite 2-measure which is not rationally convex
CRM-2007Delfour, M. C., Ouansafi, A.New noniterative approximations to the solution of the old Riccati differential equation
CRM-1799Kolyshkin, A. A., Vaillancourt, R.On the stability of convective motion caused by inhomogeneous internal heat sources
CRM-1800Kolyshkin, A. A., Vaillancourt, R.On the stability of nonisothermal circular Couette flow
CRM-2008Sankoff, D., Vincent, D.Punctors: A pragmatic variable
CRM-1798Derun, E. N., Kolyshkin, A. A., Vaillancourt, R.Signal simulator for testing eddy current probes
CRM-2006Delfour, M. C., Zolésio, J.-P.Structure of shape derivatives for nonsmooth domains
CRM-2002Huaihui, C., Gauthier, P. M.A maximum principle for subharmonic and plurisubharmonic functions
CRM-2155Sharp, R., Burdik, C., Cummins, C. J., Cummins, C. J.Complete branching rules generating function for $\operatorname{SO}(7) \supset \operatorname{SU}(2)^3$ and polynomial basis states
CRM-1998Delfour, M. C., Morgan, J.Differentiability of min max and saddle points under relaxed assumptions
CRM-2003Patera, J., Gingras, F., Sharp, R.Orbit-orbit branching rules
CRM-2005Hussin, V., Gazeau, J.-P.Poincaré contraction of SU(1,1) Fock-Bargmann structure
CRM-2001Winternitz, P., Menyuk, C. R., Levi, D.Self-similarity in stimulated Raman scattering
CRM-2004Bélair, J.Stability in a model of a delayed neural network
CRM-1999Delfour, M. C., Da Prato, G.Unbounded solutions to the linear quadratic control problem
CRM-2156Sharp, R., Begin, F.Weyl orbits and their expansions in irreducible representations for affine Kac-Moody algebras

July 19, 2006