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CRM-3291Madrane, A., Vaillancourt, R.Three-dimensional adaptive central schemes on unstructured staggered grids
CRM-3229Dryanov, D., Fournier, R.Equality cases for two polynomial inequalities
CRM-3236Christopher, C., Schlomiuk, D.On general algebraic mechanisms for producing centers in polynomial differential systems
CRM-3233Lamontagne, Y., Coutu, C., Rousseau, C.Bifurcation analysis of a predator-prey system with generalised holling type III functional response
CRM-3225Murua, A., Stanberry, L., Stuetzle, W.On Potts model clustering, kernel $K$-means and density estimation
CRM-3238Fournier, R.Asymptotics of the Bohr radius for polynomials of fixed degree
CRM-3237Schlomiuk, D., Vulpe, N.Integrals and phase portraits of planar quadratic differential systems with invariant lines of total multiplicity four
CRM-3239Bertola, M., Gekhtman, M.Effective inverse spectral problem for rational Lax matrices and applications
CRM-3230Fournier, R., Serban, M.An extension of Jack’s lemma to polynomials of fixed degree
CRM-3254Kengne, E., Vaillancourt, R.Exact solutions of the Gross-Pitaevskii equation in periodic potential in the presence of external source
CRM-3231Vaillancourt, R., Zakharov, V. G.Biorthogonal wavelet bases for solving time-dependent PDEs
CRM-3221Hajji, M. A., Vaillancourt, R.Matrix derivation of Gaussian quadratures
CRM-3219Kengne, E., Vaillancourt, R.Stabilized soliton in attractive Bose–Einstein condensate in hyperbolic potential
CRM-3220Nguyen-Ba, T., Yagoub, H., Li, Y., Vaillancourt, R.Variable-step variable-order 3-stage Hermite-Birkhoff ODE solver of order 5 to 15
CRM-3232Nguyen-Ba, T., Yagoub, H., Zhang, Y., Vaillancourt, R.Variable-step variable-order 3-stage Hermite-Birkhoff-Obrechkoff ODE solver of order 4 to 14
CRM-3227Nguyen-Ba, T., Yagoub, H., Desjardins, S. J., Vaillancourt, R.Variable-step variable-order 4-stage Hermite–Birkhoff–Obrechkoff ODE solver of order 5 to 14
CRM-3216Ayoub, N.An $L^2$ inequality for real polynomials
CRM-3196 / arXiv: math-ph/0603040Harnad, J., Orlov, A. Y.Integrals of rational symmetric functions, two-matrix models and biorthogonal polynomials
CRM-3208Krejci, P., Sorine, M., Sainte-Marie, J., Urquiza, J. M.Modelling and simulation of an active fibre for cardiac muscle
CRM-3210Haddou, M., Perron, F.Nonparametric estimation of a cdf with mixtures of cdf concentrated on small intervals

July 19, 2006