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CRM-3183Schlomiuk, D., Vulpe, N.The full study of planar quadratic differential systems possessing a line of singularities at infinity
CRM-3181Schlomiuk, D., Vulpe, N.Integrals and phase portraits of planar quadratic differential systems with invariant lines with at least five total multiplicity
CRM-3182Bertola, M., Gekhtman, M.Biorthogonal Laurent polynomials, Toplitz determinants, minimal Toda orbits and isomonodromic tau functions
CRM-3167Rousseau, C., Christopher, C.Modulus of analytic classification for the generic unfolding of a codimension 1 resonant diffeomorphism or resonant saddle
CRM-3129Mélard, G., Roy, R., Saidi, A.Exact maximum likelihood estimation of structured or unit root multivariate time series models
CRM-3180Grundland, A. M., Strasburger, A., Zakrzewski, W. J. M.Surfaces immersed in $\mathfrak{su}(N + 1)$ Lie algebras obtained from the $\mathbb{C}\mathrm{P}^N$ sigma models
CRM-3169Bertola, M., Eynard, B., Harnad, J.Semiclassical orthogonal polynomials, matrix models and isomonodromic tau functions
CRM-3177Colin, F., Frigon, M.Systems of singular Poisson equations in unbounded domains
CRM-3185Ratnarajah, T., Vaillancourt, R.Complex singular Wishart matrices and applications
CRM-3127Arminjon, P., Touma, R.Central finite volume methods with constrained transport divergence treatment for ideal MHD
CRM-3189Bertola, M., Mo, M. Y.Isomonodromic deformation of resonant rational connections
CRM-3023Angers, J.-F., Merleau, J., Perreault, L.Landmark registration of hydrographs and Bayesian estimation of a mean hydrograph
CRM-3178Dryanov, D., Fournier, R.On a discrete variant of Bernstein's polynomial inequality
CRM-3175Nguyen-Ba, T., Kolyshkin, A. A., Vaillancourt, R.Hermite–Birkhoff differential equation solvers
CRM-3173Saidi, A.Consistent testing for independence of two partially nonstationary vector ARMA time series
CRM-3172Cornea, O., Lalonde, F.A universal Floer theory, localization, and applications
CRM-3179Yoshikawa, M., Gong, Y., Ashino, R., Vaillancourt, R.Case study on SVD multiresolution analysis
CRM-3125El Boukili, A., Madrane, A., Vaillancourt, R.Multifrontal solution of sparse unsymmetric matrices arising from semiconductor equations
CRM-2813Korotkin, D.On some integrable system arising in differential geometry and general relativity
CRM-3168Zhao, M., Ghidaoui, M. S., Kolyshkin, A. A., Vaillancourt, R.On the stability of oscillatory pipe flows
CRM-3176Ghidaoui, M. S., Kolyshkin, A. A., Vaillancourt, R.Transient turbulent flow in a pipe
CRM-3016Rousseau, C.Divergent series: past, present, future...
CRM-3053Bertola, M., Eynard, B., Harnad, J.Generalized matrix models with rational potentials and isomonodromic tau functions

July 19, 2006