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CRM-3374Eynard, B.Large genus behavior of topological recursion
CRM-3373; arXiv:1904.03770Bertola, M., Harnad, J.Rationally weighted Hurwitz numbers, Meijer $G$-functions and matrix integrals
CRM-3372; arXiv:1901.10038Bertola, M., Harnad, J., Runov, B.Generating weighted Hurwitz numbers
CRM-3371Duchesne, P., Lafaye de Micheaux, P., Tagne Tatsinkou, J. F.On strong consistency and asymptotic normality of one-step Gauss–Newton estimators in ARMA time series models
CRM-3370Schlomiuk, D., Vulpe, N.Family of quadratic differential systems with a Darboux invariant and an invariant conic
CRM-3369Marcotte, O.Huitième atelier de résolution de problèmes industriels de Montréal/Eighth Montréal Industrial Problem Solving Workshop
CRM-3368Bujac, C., Schlomiuk, D., Vulpe, N.Cubic differential systems with invariant straight lines of total multiplicity seven and four real distinct infinite singularities
CRM-3360Alexandrov, A., Chapuy, G., Eynard, B., Harnad, J.Fermionic approach to weighted Hurwitz numbers and topological recursion
CRM-3356Alexandrov, A., Chapuy, G., Eynard, B., Harnad, J.Weighted Hurwitz numbers and topological recursion: An overview
CRM-3366Daili, N.Asymptotic densities in number theory. II. Plane assymptotic density of arithmetic functions
CRM-3365Eynard, B., Belliard, R.Integrability of $\mathcal{W}(\widehat{\mathfrak{sl}_d})$-symmetric Toda conformal field theories. I. Quantum geometry
CRM-3367Dib, N., Guesmia, A., Daili, N.On the solution of stochastic generalized Burgers equation
CRM-3364Charbonnier, S., Eynard, B., David, F.Large Strebel graphs and (3,2) Liouville CFT
CRM-3363Belliard, R., Eynard, B., Ribault, S.The geometry of Casimir W-algebras
CRM-3362Eynard, B.The geometry of integrable systems. Tau functions and homology of spectral curves. Perturbative definition
CRM-3358Duchesne, T., Rémillard, B., Marcotte, O.Septième atelier de résolution de problèmes industriels de Montréal / Seventh Montréal Industrial Problem Solving Workshop
CRM-3361Harnad, J., Ortmann, J.Zero-temperature limit of quantum weighted Hurwitz numbers
CRM-3351Delfour, M. C., Sturm, K.Parametric semidifferentiability of minimax of Lagrangians: averaged adjoint approach
CRM-3343 / arXiv:1408.6766Guay-Paquet, M., Harnad, J.Generating functions for weighted Hurwitz numbers
CRM-3357Harnad, J., Ortmann, J.Semiclassical asymptotics of quantum weighted Hurwitz numbers
CRM-3355Belliard, R., Eynard, B., Marchal, O.Integrable differential systems of topological type and reconstruction by the topological recursion
CRM-3354Bouchard, V., Eynard, B.Reconstructing WKB from topological recursion
CRM-3352Eynard, B., Belliard, R., Marchal, O.Loop equations from differential systems
CRM-3346Harnad, J.Weighted Hurwitz numbers and hypergeometric $\tau$-functions: an overview
CRM-3303Momeya Ouabo, R. H., Morales, M.On the price of risk of the underlying Markov chain in a regime-switching exponential Lévy model
CRM-3349Marcotte, O.Comptes rendus du Cinquième atelier de résolution de problèmes industriels de Montréal / Proceedings of the Fifth Montreal Industrial Problem Solving Workshop
CRM-3350Marcotte, O.Comptes rendus du Sixième atelier de résolution de problèmes industriels de Montréal / Proceedings of the Sixth Montreal Industrial Problem Solving Workshop
CRM-3348Lakhdar, B., Daili, N.Spectral approximations of Dirichlet problem for polyharmonic operator and decomposition techniques
CRM-3341 / arXiv:1407.7800Harnad, J., Orlov, A. Y.Hypergeometric $\tau$-functions, Hurwitz numbers and enumeration of paths
CRM-3347Balogh, F.The generating function enumerating words in $n$ letters without increasing subsequences of length $d$ and with each letter occurring $r$ times
CRM-3344Harnad, J.Multispecies quantum Hurwitz numbers
CRM-3345Harnad, J.Multispecies weighted Hurwitz numbers
CRM-3340 /arXiv:1405.6303Guay-Paquet, M., Harnad, J.2D Toda $\tau$-functions as combinatorial generating functions
CRM-3342Nguyen, V. A., Dartois, S., Eynard, B.An analysis of the intermediate field theory of T4 tensor model
CRM-3339Borot, G., Eynard, B.Root systems, spectral curves, and analysis of a $\operatorname{SU}(N)$ Chern–Simons matrix model for Seifert fibered spaces 
CRM-3338Eynard, B., Kimura, T.$\operatorname{U}(N\mid M)$ invariants from ABJM theory
CRM-3336Harnad, J., Balogh, F., Dinis da Fonseca, T.Finite-dimensional Kadomtsev–Petviashvili $\tau$-functions. I. Finite Grassmannians
CRM-3335Eynard, B.An overview of the "Topological recursion”
CRM-3337Eynard, B.Another algebraic variational principle for the spectral curve of matrix models
CRM-3334Tempesta, P.A functional approach for dynamical systems over Galois differential algebras: integrability and Picard-Vessiot theory
CRM-3317Murua, A., Wicker, N.The conditional-Potts clustering model
CRM-3272Harnad, J., Orlov, A. Y.Convolution symmetries of integrable hierarchies, matrix models and $\tau$-functions
CRM-3333Daili, N., Khaldi, M.Bornes duales de problèmes d’optimisation convexes, non convexes et non différentiables et applications
CRM-3331Bujac, C., Vulpe, N.Cubic systems with invariant straight lines of total multiplicity eight and with three distinct infinite singularities
CRM-3332Bergère, M., Borot, G., Eynard, B.Rational differential systems, loop equations, and application to the q-th reduction of KP
CRM-3330Eynard, B., Orantin, N.About the x-y symmetry of the F_g algebraic invariants
CRM-3329Bergère, M., Eynard, B., Marchal, O.The sine-law gap probability, Painlevé 5, and asymptotic expansion by the topological recursion
CRM-3328David, F., Eynard, B.Planar maps, circle patterns and 2d gravity
CRM-3327Marcotte, O., Huang, H., Lorin de la Grandmaison, E.Comptes rendus du Quatrième atelier de résolution de problèmes industriels de Montréal / Proceedings of the Fourth Montreal Industrial Problem Solving Workshop
CRM-3326/ arXiv:1304.0020Harnad, J., Lee, E.Symmetric polynomials, generalized Jacobi–Trudi identities and $\tau$-functions
CRM-3324Artés, J. C., Llibre, J., Schlomiuk, D., Vulpe, N.Configurations of singularites for quadratic differential systems with total finite multiplicity lower than 2*
CRM-3325Artés, J. C., Llibre, J., Schlomiuk, D., Vulpe, N.Configurations of singularities for quadratic differential systems with total finite multiplicity $m_f= 2$
CRM-3314Desgagné, A., Lafaye de Micheaux, P., Leblanc, A.Test of normality against generalized exponential power alternatives
CRM-3322Cafaro, M., Tempesta, P., Pulimeno, M.A parallel Space Saving algorithm for frequent items and the Riemann–Huwitz zeta distribution
CRM-3319Artés, J. C., Llibre, J., Schlomiuk, D., Vulpe, N.Geometric classification of singularities at infinity of the class quadratic vector fields
CRM-3321Tempesta, P.The Lazard formal group, universal congruences and special values of zeta functions
CRM-3320Tempesta, P.Random graphs arising from $L$-functions: topological properties and phase transitions
CRM-3307 / arXiv:1011.1429Vinet, L., Zhedanov, A.A limit $q = -1$ for big $q$-Jacobi polynomials
CRM-3290Godin, F., Mayoral, S., Morales, M.Contingent claim pricing using a normal inverse Gaussian probability distortion operator
CRM-3250(2007) / arXiv:0712:3892Harnad, J., Orlov, A. Y.Determinantal identity for multilevel ensembles and finite determinantal point processes
CRM-3318Artés, J. C., Llibre, J., Schlomiuk, D., Vulpe, N.Global analysis of infinite singularities of quadratic vector fields
CRM-3323Tempesta, P.Integrable maps from Galois differential algebras, Borel transforms and number sequences
CRM-3316Akpoué, B. P., Angers, J.-F.Modélisation bayésienne des niches écologiques
CRM-3315Marcotte, O.Troisième atelier de résolution de problèmes industriels de Montréal
CRM-3306 / arXiv:1105.0701Vinet, L., Zhedanov, A.Representations of the Schrödinger groups and matrix orthogonal polynomials
CRM-3313 / arXiv:1101.4216Harnad, J., van de Leur, J., Orlov, A. Y.Multiple sums and integrals as neutral BKP tau functions
CRM-3305Vinet, L., Zhedanov, A.A \‘missing\’ family of classical orthogonal polynomials
CRM-3308Vinet, L., Zhedanov, A.A Bochner theorem for Dunkl polynomials
CRM-3310Blanchet, G., Delfour, M. C., Garon, A.Quadratic models to fit experimental data of Paclitaxel release kinetics from biodegradable polymers
CRM-3309Harnad, J., Enolskii, V.Schur function expansions of KP $\tau$ functions associated to algebraic curves
CRM-3301Cafaro, M., Tempesta, P.Finding frequent items in parallel
CRM-3312Schlomiuk, D., Vulpe, N.The global topological classification of the Lotka–Volterra quadratic differential systems
CRM-3311Bouezmarni, T., Roy, R., Taamouti, A.Nonparametric tests for conditional independence using conditional distributions
CRM-3305Labrecque-Synnott, F., Angers, J.-F.Bayesian model-based clustering of continuous zero-modified data
CRM-3294Schlomiuk, D., Vulpe, N.Global classification of the planar Lotka–Volterra differential systems according to the configurations of invariant straight lines
CRM-3302Cafaro, M., Tempesta, P.Finding the majority element in parallel
CRM-3299Tempesta, P.Integrable maps via associative algebras and number sequences
CRM-3300Levi, D., Tempesta, P.Multiple-scale analysis of dynamical systems on the lattice
CRM-3298Tempesta, P.The universal formal group, Almkvist–Meurman type congruences and zeta functions
CRM-3297Dugas, C.Bandwidth selection for ROC curves revisited
CRM-3304Labrecque-Synnott, F., Angers, J.-F.Bayesian estimation and testing for continuous zero-modified models
CRM-3296Morales, M., Olivares, P.On the expected discounted penalty function for a risk model perturbed by a spectrally negative Levy process
CRM-3288Assa, H., Morales, M.Risk measures on the space of infinite sequences
CRM-3295Elmahdaoui, R. A., Dugas, C.Using credit default swap information in stock trading
CRM-3274Kengne, E., Vaillancourt, R., Malomed, B. A.Modulational instability and exact soliton and periodic solutions for two weakly coupled effectively 1D condensates trapped in a double-well potential
CRM-3258Delfour, M. C., Garon, A.New equations for the dose under pulsative/periodic conditions in the design of coated stents
CRM-3262Tempesta, P.$L$-series and Hurwitz zeta functions associated with the universal formal group
CRM-3291Madrane, A., Vaillancourt, R.Three-dimensional adaptive central schemes on unstructured staggered grids
CRM-3282Kengne, E., Vaillancourt, R.Modulational stability of solitary states in a lossy nonlinear electrical line
CRM-3289Labrecque-Synnott, F., Angers, J.-F.An extension of zero-modified models to the continuous case
CRM-3292Francq, C., Roy, R., Saidi, A.Asymptotic Properties of Weighted Least Squares Estimation in Weak PARMA Models
CRM-3285Dugas, C., Chapados, N., Ducharme, R., Saint-Mleux, X., Vincent, P.Higher-order feature synthesis for insurance scoring models
CRM-3284Dugas, C., Gadoury, D.Pointwise exact bootstrap distributions of ROC curves
CRM-3287Dugas, C., Gadoury, D.Pointwise exact bootstrap distributions of cost curves
CRM-3283Yagoub, H., Nguyen-Ba, T., Giordano, T., Vaillancourt, R.Convergence of the variable-step variable-order 3-stage Hermite–Birkhoff ODE/DDE solver of order 5 to 15
CRM-3275Kengne, E., Tadmon, C., Nguyen-Ba, T., Vaillancourt, R.Higher order bright solitons and shock signals in nonlinear transmission lines
CRM-3269Nguyen-Ba, T., Bozic, V., Kengne, E., Vaillancourt, R.One-step 9-stage Hermite–Birkhoff–Taylor ODE solver of order 10
CRM-3280Bertola, M., Prats-Ferrer, A.Topological expansion for the Cauchy two-matrix model
CRM-3279Kengne, E., Vaillancourt, R.2D Ginzburg–Landau system of complex modulation for coupled nonlinear transmission lines
CRM-3286Dugas, C., Bengio, Y., Garcia , R., Bélisle, F., Nadeau, C.Incorporating functional knowledge in neural networks
CRM-3278Nguyen-Ba, T., Hao, H., Yagoub, H., Vaillancourt, R.One-step 5-stage Hermite–Birkhoff–Taylor ODE solver of order 12
CRM-3261 / arXiv:0808.1770Balogh, F., Harnad, J.Superharmonic perturbations of a Gaussian potential, equilibrium measures and orthogonal polynomials
CRM-3277Marcotte, O.Deuxième atelier de résolution de problèmes industriels de Montréal
CRM-3264Kengne, E., Vaillancourt, R.Transmission of solitary pulse in dissipative nonlinear transmission lines
CRM-3222Labbé, S., Lorin de la Grandmaison, E.On the reservoir technique convergence for nonlinear hyperbolic conservation laws. I
CRM-3293Nguyen-Ba, T., Bozic, V., Kengne, E., Vaillancourt, R.Nine-stage multi-derivative Runge–Kutta method of order 12
CRM-3276Marcotte, O.Premier atelier de résolution de problèmes industriels de Montréal
CRM-3257Eynard, B., Prats-Ferrer, A.Topological expansion of the chain of matrices
CRM-3229Dryanov, D., Fournier, R.Equality cases for two polynomial inequalities
CRM-3217Bertola, M., Mo, M. Y.Commuting difference operators, spinor bundles and the asymptotics of orthogonal polynomials with respect to varying complex weights
CRM-3195 / arXiv:0704.1150Harnad, J., Orlov, A. Y.Fermionic approach for evaluating integrals of rational symmetric functions
CRM-3271Merleau, J., Angers, J.-F., Perreault, L., Favre, A.-C.Modelling the average behaviour of a sample of curves with Bayesian regression splines
CRM-3268Kengne, E., Vaillancourt, R., Malomed, B. A.Bose–Einstein condensates in optical lattices: The cubic-quintic nonlinear Schrödinger equation with a periodic potential
CRM-3266Schlomiuk, D., Naidenova, E.On the classification of the Lotka–Volterra systems
CRM-3263Tempesta, P.Integrable field theories and hierarchies of dynamical systems on the lattice
CRM-3281Ashino, R., Nguyen-Ba, T., Vaillancourt, R.Decoding low-dimensional linear codes by linear programming
CRM-3265Kengne, E., Vaillancourt, R.Integrability conditions for two-component Bose–Einstein condensates in periodic potentials
CRM-3273Nguyen-Ba, T., Yagoub, H., Vaillancourt, R.One-step 9-stage Hermite–Birkhoff–Taylor DAE solver of order 11
CRM-3270Yagoub, H., Nguyen-Ba, T., Vaillancourt, R.Variable-step 7-stage Hermite–Birkhoff–Taylor DDE solver of order 8
CRM-3267Nguyen-Ba, T., Yagoub, H., Zhuang, Y., Vaillancourt, R.Variable-step variable-order 2-stage Hermite–Birkhoff–Obrechkoff ODE solver of order 3 to 14
CRM-3240Lambert, C., Rousseau, C.The Stokes phenomenon in the confluence of the hypergeometric equation usibg Riccati equation
CRM-3248Grundland, A. M., Hereman, W., Yurdusen, I.Conformally parametrized surfaces associated with $\mathbb{C}P^{N-1}$ sigma models
CRM-3256Schlomiuk, D., Vulpe, N.Moduli spaces of planar quadratic vector fields with invariant lines of total multiplicity at least four and three distinct infinite singularities
CRM-3244Delfour, M. C., Dello Sbarba, O.Linear-quadratic differential games: closed loop saddle points
CRM-3259Delfour, M. C.Representations of hypersurfaces and minimal smoothness of the midsurface in the theory of shells
CRM-3236Christopher, C., Schlomiuk, D.On general algebraic mechanisms for producing centers in polynomial differential systems
CRM-3233Lamontagne, Y., Coutu, C., Rousseau, C.Bifurcation analysis of a predator-prey system with generalised holling type III functional response
CRM-3225Murua, A., Stanberry, L., Stuetzle, W.On Potts model clustering, kernel $K$-means and density estimation
CRM-3238Fournier, R.Asymptotics of the Bohr radius for polynomials of fixed degree
CRM-3237Schlomiuk, D., Vulpe, N.Integrals and phase portraits of planar quadratic differential systems with invariant lines of total multiplicity four
CRM-3228Saidi, A., Roy, R.Robust optimal tests for causality in multivariate time series
CRM-3211Hua, X., Vaillancourt, R.Prime factorization of entire functions
CRM-3215Fournier, R., Salinas, L.On a question of Brézis and Korevaar concerning a class of square-summable sequences
CRM-3183Schlomiuk, D., Vulpe, N.The full study of planar quadratic differential systems possessing a line of singularities at infinity
CRM-3181Schlomiuk, D., Vulpe, N.Integrals and phase portraits of planar quadratic differential systems with invariant lines with at least five total multiplicity
CRM-2940Schlomiuk, D., Vulpe, N.Planar quadratic differential systems with invariant straight lines of total multiplicity 4
CRM-2858Angers, J.-F., Biswas, A.Bivariate versus univariate ordinal categorical data with reference to an ophtalmologic study
CRM-2850Harnad, J., Hurtubise, J.Multi-Hamiltonian structures for $r$-matrix systems
CRM-3246Grundland, A. M., Hariton, A. J.A supersymmetric version of a Gaussian irrotational compressible fluid flow
CRM-3249Roy, R., Saidi, A.Aggregation and systematic sampling of ARMA processes
CRM-3255Kengne, E., Vaillancourt, R.Modulational stability of solitary states in a lossy nonlinear electrical line
CRM-3245Gilbert, H., Schlomiuk, N.Sur les propriétés des fonctions réelles arbitraires de variable réelle: une approche historique
CRM-3243Daili, N.$I$-suites régulières et fonctions arithmétiques additives
CRM-3241Daili, N.Analytic densities in number theory. III. Extensions to Epstein's zeta-function
CRM-3242Daili, C., Daili, N., Merikhi, B.Duality gap and quadratic programming. II Dual Bounds of a quadratic programming problem and applications
CRM-3253Nguyen-Ba, T., Sharp, P. W., Yagoub, H., Vaillancourt, R.Hermite–Birkhoff–Obrechkoff 5-stage 4-step ODE solver of order 15 witrh quantized stepsize
CRM-3252Vaillancourt, R., Zakharov, V. G.Interval wavelets adapted to monomial differential operators
CRM-3251Nguyen-Ba, T., Bozic, V., Kengne, E., Vaillancourt, R.One-step 4-stage Hermite–Birkhoff–Taylor ODE solver of order 14
CRM-3239Bertola, M., Gekhtman, M.Effective inverse spectral problem for rational Lax matrices and applications
CRM-3230Fournier, R., Serban, M.An extension of Jack’s lemma to polynomials of fixed degree
CRM-3254Kengne, E., Vaillancourt, R.Exact solutions of the Gross-Pitaevskii equation in periodic potential in the presence of external source
CRM-3223Lorin de la Grandmaison, E., Chelkowski, S., Bandrauk, A. D.A Maxwell–Schrödinger model for nonperturbative laser-molecule interaction and some methods of numerical computation
CRM-3223Bandrauk, A. D., Lu, H.Singularity-free methods for time-dependent Schrödinger equation—A nonperturbative approach
CRM-3209Rousseau, C.The root extraction problem
CRM-3205Bertola, M.Biorthogonal polynomials for two-matrix models with semiclassical potentials
CRM-3204Fournier, R., Ponnusamy, S.A class of locally univalent functions defined by a differential inequality
CRM-3218Delfour, M. C.Linear-quadratic differential games: saddle point and Riccati differential equation
CRM-3182Bertola, M., Gekhtman, M.Biorthogonal Laurent polynomials, Toplitz determinants, minimal Toda orbits and isomonodromic tau functions
CRM-3167Rousseau, C., Christopher, C.Modulus of analytic classification for the generic unfolding of a codimension 1 resonant diffeomorphism or resonant saddle
CRM-3122Dryanov, D., Fournier, R., Ruscheweyh, S.Some extensions of the Markov inequality for polynomials
CRM-3231Vaillancourt, R., Zakharov, V. G.Biorthogonal wavelet bases for solving time-dependent PDEs
CRM-3221Hajji, M. A., Vaillancourt, R.Matrix derivation of Gaussian quadratures
CRM-3219Kengne, E., Vaillancourt, R.Stabilized soliton in attractive Bose–Einstein condensate in hyperbolic potential
CRM-3220Nguyen-Ba, T., Yagoub, H., Li, Y., Vaillancourt, R.Variable-step variable-order 3-stage Hermite-Birkhoff ODE solver of order 5 to 15
CRM-3232Nguyen-Ba, T., Yagoub, H., Zhang, Y., Vaillancourt, R.Variable-step variable-order 3-stage Hermite-Birkhoff-Obrechkoff ODE solver of order 4 to 14
CRM-3227Nguyen-Ba, T., Yagoub, H., Desjardins, S. J., Vaillancourt, R.Variable-step variable-order 4-stage Hermite–Birkhoff–Obrechkoff ODE solver of order 5 to 14
CRM-3197Grundland, A. M., Huard, B.Riemann invariants and rank-$k$ solutions of hyperbolic systems
CRM-3195Harnad, J., Orlov, A. Y.Fermionic construction of partition functions for two-matrix models and perturbative Schur function expansions
CRM-3188Jourdain, B., Le Bris, C., Lelièvre, T., Otto, F.Long-time asymptotics of a multiscale model for polymeric fluid flows
CRM-3198Bourlioux, A., Cyr-Gagnon, C., Winternitz, P.Difference schemes with point symmetries and their numerical tests
CRM-3213Morimoto, A., Ashino, R., Vaillancourt, R.Multiwavelet neural network preprocessing of irregularly sampled data
CRM-3216Ayoub, N.An $L^2$ inequality for real polynomials
CRM-3196 / arXiv: math-ph/0603040Harnad, J., Orlov, A. Y.Integrals of rational symmetric functions, two-matrix models and biorthogonal polynomials
CRM-3208Krejci, P., Sorine, M., Sainte-Marie, J., Urquiza, J. M.Modelling and simulation of an active fibre for cardiac muscle
CRM-3210Haddou, M., Perron, F.Nonparametric estimation of a cdf with mixtures of cdf concentrated on small intervals
CRM-3234Sharp, P. W., Vaillancourt, R.Explicit Pouzet Runge–Kutta pairs for Voltera integro-differential equations
CRM-3235Sharp, P. W., Vaillancourt, R.New Nyström pairs for the general second-order problem
CRM-3187Nekka, F., Li, J.Various mathematical approaches to extract information from textures of increasing complexities
CRM-3202Morimoto, A., Shimano, Y., Ashino, R., Vaillancourt, R.Wavelets and block singular value image denoising
CRM-3129Mélard, G., Roy, R., Saidi, A.Exact maximum likelihood estimation of structured or unit root multivariate time series models
CRM-3180Grundland, A. M., Strasburger, A., Zakrzewski, W. J. M.Surfaces immersed in $\mathfrak{su}(N + 1)$ Lie algebras obtained from the $\mathbb{C}\mathrm{P}^N$ sigma models
CRM-3169Bertola, M., Eynard, B., Harnad, J.Semiclassical orthogonal polynomials, matrix models and isomonodromic tau functions
CRM-2933Colin, F., Frigon, M.Systems of coupled Poisson equations with critical growth in unbounded domains
CRM-3247Kengne, E., Vaillancourt, R.Ginzburg-Landau system of complex modulation equations for distributed nonlinear dissipative transmission lines
CRM-2936Bouhaddioui, C., Roy, R.A generalized portmanteau test for independence of two infinite order vector autoregressive series
CRM-2924Bouhaddioui, C., Roy, R.On the distribution of the residual cross-correlations between two uncorrelated infinite order vector autoregressive series
CRM-3123Dryanov, D., Fournier, R.On an improvement of Bernstein's polynomial inequalities
CRM-2820Krokhin, A. A., Rosenberg, I. G.A monoidal interval of clones of selfdual functions
CRM-3186Léger, C., MacGibbon, B.On the bootstrap in cube root asymptotics
CRM-3207Dellacherie, S., Lafitte, O.Solutions autosemblables pour l'équation de la chaleur avec coefficients discontinus
CRM-3200Dellacherie, S.Existence et unicité d'une solution classique à un modèle abstrait de vibration de bulles de type hyperbolique-elliptique
CRM-3199Hariton, A. J.Supersymmetric extension of integrable Born-Infeld equation
CRM-3198aKolyshkin, A. A., Vaillancourt, R., Volodko, I.Weakly nonlinear analysis of rapidly decelerated channel flow
CRM-3194Kolyshkin, A. A., Vaillancourt, R., Volodko, I.Complex Ginzburg–Landau equation for suddenly blocked unsteady channel flow
CRM-3203Madrane, A., El Boukili, A., Vaillancourt, R.A new overlapping unstructured grid algorithm
CRM-3212Kolyshkin, A. A., Vaillancourt, R., Volodko, I.Approximative method for the calculation of the change in impedance due to a flaw in a conducting cylindrical Layer
CRM-3206Bertola, M., Harnad, J., Its, A. R.Dual Riemann–Hilbert approach to biorthogonal polynomials
CRM-3190Hua, X., Vaillancourt, R.Dynamics of permutable meromorphic functions
CRM-3193Sharp, P. W., Vaillancourt, R.Efficient order-five second-derivative explicit Runge–Kutta pairs with interpolants
CRM-3192Sharp, P. W., Vaillancourt, R.Error growth of some symplectic explicit Runge–Kutta Nyström methods for a simulation of the gas giants
CRM-3214Nguyen-Ba, T., Vaillancourt, R.Hermite-Birkhoff-Obrechkoff 3-stage 6-step ODE solver of order 14
CRM-3191Pelletier, E. F., Vaillancourt, R.Modelling instruments sounds using Malvar wavelets
CRM-3177Colin, F., Frigon, M.Systems of singular Poisson equations in unbounded domains
CRM-3185Ratnarajah, T., Vaillancourt, R.Complex singular Wishart matrices and applications
CRM-3127Arminjon, P., Touma, R.Central finite volume methods with constrained transport divergence treatment for ideal MHD
CRM-3189Bertola, M., Mo, M. Y.Isomonodromic deformation of resonant rational connections
CRM-3023Angers, J.-F., Merleau, J., Perreault, L.Landmark registration of hydrographs and Bayesian estimation of a mean hydrograph
CRM-3178Dryanov, D., Fournier, R.On a discrete variant of Bernstein's polynomial inequality
CRM-2831Schlomiuk, D., Vulpe, N.Geometry of quadratic differential systems in the neighborhood of infinity
CRM-2929Dryanov, D., Fournier, R.A note on Bernstein and Markov type inequalities
CRM-2979Ratnarajah, T., Vaillancourt, R.Quadratic forms on complex random matrices and multiple-antenna systems
CRM-3012Kalnins, E. G., Thomova, Z., Winternitz, P.Subgroup type coordinates and the separation of variables in Hamilton-Jacobi and Schrödinger equations
CRM-2987Ashino, R., Morimoto, A., Nagase, M., Vaillancourt, R.Comparing multiresolution SVD with other methods for image compression
CRM-3022Ratnarajah, T., Vaillancourt, R., Alvo, M.Eigenvalues and condition numbers of complex random matrices
CRM-2939Ashino, R., Morimoto, A., Nagase, M., Vaillancourt, R.Image compression with multiresolution singular value decomposition and other methods
CRM-2915Rousseau, C.Modulus of orbital analytic classification for a family unfolding a saddle-node
CRM-2859Angers, J.-F., Kim, P. T.Multivariate Bayesian function estimation
CRM-2922aBan, D., Zhang, Y.Arthur $R$-groups, classical $R$-groups and Aubert involution for $\operatorname{SO}(2n+1)$
CRM-3174Ratnarajah, T., Vaillancourt, R., Alvo, M.Complex random matrices and Rician channel capacity
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CRM-1686González de Paz, R. B.A relaxation approach for domain optimization problems
CRM-1684Delfour, M. C., Zolésio, J.-P.Adjoint state for control of variational inequalities
CRM-1681Gagnon, L., Winternitz, P.Non-Painlevé reductions of nonlinear Schrödinger equations
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July 19, 2006