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CRM-3272Harnad, J., Orlov, A. Y.Convolution symmetries of integrable hierarchies, matrix models and $\tau$-functions
CRM-3290Godin, F., Mayoral, S., Morales, M.Contingent claim pricing using a normal inverse Gaussian probability distortion operator
CRM-3274Kengne, E., Vaillancourt, R., Malomed, B. A.Modulational instability and exact soliton and periodic solutions for two weakly coupled effectively 1D condensates trapped in a double-well potential
CRM-3258Delfour, M. C., Garon, A.New equations for the dose under pulsative/periodic conditions in the design of coated stents
CRM-3262Tempesta, P.$L$-series and Hurwitz zeta functions associated with the universal formal group
CRM-3275Kengne, E., Tadmon, C., Nguyen-Ba, T., Vaillancourt, R.Higher order bright solitons and shock signals in nonlinear transmission lines
CRM-3269Nguyen-Ba, T., Bozic, V., Kengne, E., Vaillancourt, R.One-step 9-stage Hermite–Birkhoff–Taylor ODE solver of order 10
CRM-3280Bertola, M., Prats-Ferrer, A.Topological expansion for the Cauchy two-matrix model
CRM-3279Kengne, E., Vaillancourt, R.2D Ginzburg–Landau system of complex modulation for coupled nonlinear transmission lines
CRM-3286Dugas, C., Bengio, Y., Garcia , R., Bélisle, F., Nadeau, C.Incorporating functional knowledge in neural networks
CRM-3278Nguyen-Ba, T., Hao, H., Yagoub, H., Vaillancourt, R.One-step 5-stage Hermite–Birkhoff–Taylor ODE solver of order 12
CRM-3261 / arXiv:0808.1770Balogh, F., Harnad, J.Superharmonic perturbations of a Gaussian potential, equilibrium measures and orthogonal polynomials
CRM-3277Marcotte, O.Deuxième atelier de résolution de problèmes industriels de Montréal
CRM-3271Merleau, J., Angers, J.-F., Perreault, L., Favre, A.-C.Modelling the average behaviour of a sample of curves with Bayesian regression splines
CRM-3268Kengne, E., Vaillancourt, R., Malomed, B. A.Bose–Einstein condensates in optical lattices: The cubic-quintic nonlinear Schrödinger equation with a periodic potential
CRM-3266Schlomiuk, D., Naidenova, E.On the classification of the Lotka–Volterra systems
CRM-3263Tempesta, P.Integrable field theories and hierarchies of dynamical systems on the lattice
CRM-3281Ashino, R., Nguyen-Ba, T., Vaillancourt, R.Decoding low-dimensional linear codes by linear programming
CRM-3265Kengne, E., Vaillancourt, R.Integrability conditions for two-component Bose–Einstein condensates in periodic potentials
CRM-3273Nguyen-Ba, T., Yagoub, H., Vaillancourt, R.One-step 9-stage Hermite–Birkhoff–Taylor DAE solver of order 11
CRM-3270Yagoub, H., Nguyen-Ba, T., Vaillancourt, R.Variable-step 7-stage Hermite–Birkhoff–Taylor DDE solver of order 8
CRM-3267Nguyen-Ba, T., Yagoub, H., Zhuang, Y., Vaillancourt, R.Variable-step variable-order 2-stage Hermite–Birkhoff–Obrechkoff ODE solver of order 3 to 14
CRM-3256Schlomiuk, D., Vulpe, N.Moduli spaces of planar quadratic vector fields with invariant lines of total multiplicity at least four and three distinct infinite singularities

July 19, 2006