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CRM-2858Angers, J.-F., Biswas, A.Bivariate versus univariate ordinal categorical data with reference to an ophtalmologic study
CRM-2850Harnad, J., Hurtubise, J.Multi-Hamiltonian structures for $r$-matrix systems
CRM-2859Angers, J.-F., Kim, P. T.Multivariate Bayesian function estimation
CRM-2922aBan, D., Zhang, Y.Arthur $R$-groups, classical $R$-groups and Aubert involution for $\operatorname{SO}(2n+1)$
CRM-3174Ratnarajah, T., Vaillancourt, R., Alvo, M.Complex random matrices and Rician channel capacity
CRM-2849Delfour, M. C., Garon, A., Longo, V.Modeling and design of coated stents to optimize the effect of the dose
CRM-2724Boyer, S., Rolfsen, D., Wiest, B.Orderable 3-manifold groups
CRM-2851Delfour, M. C., Zolésio, J.-P.Shape identification via metrics constructed from the oriented distance function
CRM-3017Frank, G., Hua, X., Vaillancourt, R.Meromorphic functions sharing the same zeros and poles
CRM-2910Christopher, C., Mardesic, P., Rousseau, C.Normalizability, synchronicity, and relative exactness for vector fields in C2
CRM-2814Lalonde, F., Pinsonnault, M.The topology of the space of symplectic balls in rational 4-manifolds
CRM-2869Rousseau, C., Zhu, H.PP-graphics with a nilpotent elliptic singularity in quadratic systems and Hilbert's 16th problem
CRM-2860Mardesic, P., Rousseau, C., Roussarie, R.Modulus of analytic classification for unfoldings of generic parabolic diffeomorphisms
CRM-2917Rousseau, C.Normal forms, bifurcations and finiteness properties of vector fields
CRM-2921aChristopher, C., Rousseau, C.Normalizable, integrable and linearizable saddle points in the Lotka-Volterra system
CRM-2932Winternitz, P.Symmetries of discrete systems
CRM-2852Bertola, M., Eynard, B., Harnad, J.Differential systems for biorthogonal polynomials appearing in 2-matrix models and the associated Riemann-Hilbert problem
CRM-2907Harnad, J., Orlov, A. Y.Scalar products of symmetric functions and matrix integrals
CRM-2857Buono, L., LeBlanc, V. G.Versal unfoldings for linear retarded functional differential equations
CRM-2856Buono, L., Palacios, A.Heart motorneuron dynamics of leeches
CRM-2916Bertola, M., Eynard, B.Mixed correlation functions of the two-matrix model
CRM-2843Grundland, A. M., Tempesta, P., Winternitz, P.Weak transversality and partially invariant solutions
CRM-2835Fournier, R., Mocanu, P.Differential inequalities and starlikeness
CRM-2854Grundland, A. M., Zakrzewski, W. J. M.On CP1 and CP2 maps and Weierstrass representations for surfaces immersed into multi-dimensional Euclidean spaces
CRM-2853Grundland, A. M., Zakrzewski, W. J. M.On geometric aspects of $CP^N$ harmonic maps
CRM-2930Ratnarajah, T., Vaillancourt, R., Alvo, M.Complex random matrices and Rayleigh channel capacity
CRM-2864Ashino, R., Desjardins, S. J., Heil, C., Nagase, M., Vaillancourt, R.Smooth tight frame wavelets and image microanalysis in the Fourier domain
CRM-2912El Himdi, K., Roy, R., Duchesne, P.Tests for non-correlation of two multivariate time series: a nonparametric approach
CRM-2866Harnad, J., Orlov, A. Y.Schur function expansions of matrix integrals
CRM-2870Powojowski, M., Léger, C.Additive covariogram models and estimation through projections
CRM-2868Eynard, B.Large $N$ expansion of the 2-matrix model
CRM-2867Eynard, B., Kristjansen, C.BMN correlators by loop equations
CRM-2871Dryanov, D., Fournier, R.Bound preserving operators over classes of polynomials
CRM-2861Bleher, P. M., Eynard, B.Double scaling limit in random matrix models and a nonlinear hierarchy of differential equations
CRM-2862Perron, F., Atchadé, Y. F.Spectrum of the Metropolis-Hastings chain with application to geometric ergodicity
CRM-2863El Boukili, A., Madrane, A., Vaillancourt, R.Unstructured grid adaptation for convection-dominated semiconductor equations
CRM-2855Buono, L., Lamb, J., Roberts, M.Branching and bifurcation of equilibria in reversible equivariant vector fields
CRM-2847Daoud, M., Hussin, V.General sets of coherent states and the Jaynes-Cummings model
CRM-2841Bertola, M., Eynard, B., Harnad, J.Partition functions for matrix models and isomonodromic tau functions
CRM-2838Clarke, F. H., Stern, R. J.State constrained feedback stabilization
CRM-2865Harnad, J., Orlov, A. Y.Matrix integrals as Borel sums of Schur function expansions
CRM-2909Goulard, B., Lina, J.-M., St-Jean, P.Stationary multiscale graphical models
CRM-2845Bertola, M.Weyl groups of current algebras and Jacobi groups
CRM-2839Stern, R. J.Brockett's condition for stabilization in the state constrained case
CRM-2840Nekka, F., Li, J.Investigation of intersection of triadic Cantor sets with their translates for a classification purpose
CRM-2973Levi, D., Tempesta, P., Winternitz, P.Lie symmetries of quantum systems on lattices
CRM-2837Buono, L., Bélair, J.Restrictions and unfolding of double Hopf bifurcation in functional differential equations
CRM-2834Leblanc, A., Angers, J.-F.Prior density estimation via Haar deconvolution
CRM-2832Bracken, P., Grundland, A. M.Affine extension of noncrystallographic Coxeter groups and quasicrystals

July 19, 2006