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CRM-2721Boyer, S.On the local structure of $\operatorname{SL}(2,\mathbb{C})$-character varieties at reducible characters
CRM-2731Hurtubise, J., Markman, E.Calogero-Moser systems and Hitchin systems
CRM-2628Marchand, É., Perron, F.Improving on the MLE of a bounded normal mean
CRM-2730Hurtubise, J., Jeffrey, L.Representations with weighted frames and framed parabolic bundles
CRM-2644Bracken, P.A differential geometric approach to Helmholtz equations an application to a space with a nontrivial Riemannian metric
CRM-2648Zhu, H., Rousseau, C.Finite cyclicity of graphics with a nilpotent singularity of saddle or elliptic type
CRM-2647Kolyshkin, A. A., Vaillancourt, R.Series solution of an eddy current problem for a sphere with varying conductivity and permeability profiles
CRM-2639Masáková, Z., Patera, J., Pelantová, E.$s$-convexity, model sets and their relation
CRM-2643Fredette, M., Angers, J.-F.A new approximation of the posterior distribution of the log-odds ratio
CRM-2636Dechevsky, L. T.Atomic decomposition of function spaces and fractional integral and differential operators
CRM-2642Angers, J.-F.Bayesian inference for the location parameter of a Student-t density
CRM-2641Angers, J.-F.Credence and robustness behavior
CRM-2638Masáková, Z., Patera, J., Pelantová, E.Lattice-like properties of quasicrystal models with quadratic irrationalities
CRM-2637Dechevsky, L. T.Near-degenerate finite element and lacunary multiresolution methods of approximation
CRM-2640Masáková, Z., Patera, J., Pelantová, E.Substitution rules for cut-and-project sequences
CRM-2726Gagnon, L., Lalonde, M.Vision artificielle et traitement d'images
CRM-2635Lafortune, S., Grammaticos, B., Ramani, A., Winternitz, P.Discrete systems related to equations of the Painlevé-Gambier classification
CRM-2630Fuchs, A., Joffe, A., Teugels, J. L.Expectation of the ratio of a sum of squares to the square of the sum: exact and asymptotic results
CRM-2633Koosis, P.Hartree's theorem on existence of the quantum defect
CRM-2634Dorodnitsyn, V., Kozlov, R., Winternitz, P.Lie group classification of second-order ordinary difference equations
CRM-2631Bracken, P., Grundland, A. M.On the Bäcklund transformation and the theorem of permutability for th generalized Weierstrass system
CRM-2627Fournier, R., Ruscheweyh, S.A generalization of the Schwarz-Carathéodory reflection principle and spaces of pseudo-metrics
CRM-2629Toni, B.Bifurcations of limit cycles from Hamiltonian isochrones: a Darboux linearization approach
CRM-2626de Guise, H., de Montigny, M.Grading preserving contractions of semi-simple Lie algebras and central extensions
CRM-2625Bracken, P., Grundland, A. M.Multi-soliton solutions of the generalized Weierstrass system
CRM-2632Guimond, L.-S., Patera, J.Proving the deterministic period breaking of linear congruential generators using two tile quasicrystals
CRM-2624Guimond, L.-S., Patera, J., Masáková, Z., Pelantová, E.Deterministically broken periodicity of linear congruential generators using quasi-crystals
CRM-2622McSweenn, E., Winternitz, P.Integrable and superintegrable Hamiltonian systems in magnetic fields
CRM-2623Havlicek, M., Patera, J., Pelantová, E.On Lie gradings. III. Gradings of the real forms of classical Lie algebras
CRM-2621Bracken, P.Analysis of a renormalization group equation by the prolongation method
CRM-2620Bracken, P.Renormalization of scalar $\phi^4$ theory to second order in the coupling constant
CRM-2615Vinet, L., Yermolayeva, O., Zhedanov, A.A new family of Krall polynomials
CRM-2618Spiridonov, V., Zhedanov, A.Classical biorthogonal rational functions on elliptic grids
CRM-2616Vinet, L., Zhedanov, A.Spectral transformations of the Laurent biorthogonal polynomials
CRM-2617Vinet, L., Zhedanov, A.Spectral transformations of the Laurent biorthogonal polynomials. II. Pastro polynomials
CRM-2609Mahaffy, J.Age-structured modeling of hematopoiesis
CRM-2610Fournier, R.Inequalities involving weighted means in a disc of the complex plane
CRM-2611Fournier, R.On boundary zeros of solutions of a class of functional equations
CRM-2619Fournier, R., Ruscheweyh, S.On extreme points of a class of functions related to a convolution conjecture
CRM-2614Ferapontov, E., Grundland, A. M.On the bilinear equations for Fredholm determinants appearing in random matrices
CRM-2613Harnad, J.On the bilinear equations for Fredholm determinants appearing in random matrices
CRM-2663Courteau, J., Lessard, S.Optimal sex ratios in structured populations
CRM-2612Ferapontov, E.Transformations of quasilinear systems originating from the projective theory of congruences
CRM-2608Mintchev, M., Ragoucy, E., Sorba, P., Zaugg, P.Yangian symmetry in the nonlinear Schrödinger hierarchy
CRM-2607Dorodnitsyn, V., Winternitz, P.Lie point symmetry preserving discretizations for variable coefficient Korteweg-de Vries equations
CRM-2602Dechevsky, L. T., Ramsay, J. O.Penalized wavelet estimation with Besov regularity constraints
CRM-2606Turbiner, A., Winternitz, P.Solutions of nonlinear differential and difference equations with superposition formulas
CRM-2603Odzijewicz, A., Grundland, A. M.The superposition principle for the Lie type first order PDEs
CRM-2605Clarke, F. H., Nobakhtian, S., Stern, R. J.Universal near-optimal feedbacks
CRM-2604Langlands, R. P., Lewis, M.-A., Saint-Aubin, Y.Universality and conformal invariance for the Ising model in domains with boundary
CRM-2601Guimond, L.-S., Rousseau, C.Finite cyclicity of finite codimension nondegenerate homoclinic loops with real eigenvalues in R3
CRM-2662Yi, T., Lessard, S.Fundamental theorem of natural selection and frequency-dependent selection: analysis of the diploid matrix game model
CRM-2598Mahaffy, J., Polk, S. W., Roeder, R. K. W.An age-structured model for erythropoiesis following a phlebotomy
CRM-2600Nikolaev, I., Zhuzhoma, E.Flows on 2-dimensional manifolds: an overview
CRM-2599Fernandez, D. J., Hussin, V.Higher order SUSY, linearized non-linear Heisenberg algebras and coherent states
CRM-2591Grammaticos, B., Ramani, A., Tamizhmani, K. M., Lafortune, S.Again, linearisable mappings
CRM-2592Bracken, P.Classical Yang-Mills equations invariant under subgroups of the conformal group without coupling to matter
CRM-2588Clarke, F. H., Ledyaev, Y., Rifford, L., Stern, R. J.Feedback stabilization and Lyapunov functions
CRM-2586Atakishiyeva, M. K., Atakishiyev, N.Fourier-Gauss transforms of bilinear generating functions for the continuous $q$-Hermite polynomials
CRM-2585Gingras, F., Bengio, Y., Nadeau, C.Generalized little $q$-Jacobi polynomials as eigensolutions of higher-order $q$-differential operators
CRM-2595Penskoi, A. V.Lagrangian time-discretization of the Korteweg-de Vries equation
CRM-2587Izmestev, A. A., Pogosyan, G., Sissakian, A. N., Winternitz, P.Lie algebra contractions for overlap functions
CRM-2593Ayari, M. I.Lien entre les variétés singulières des équations aux dérivées partielles et les pseudopotentiels représentant les algèbres de Lie de dimension finie
CRM-2589Gómez-Ullate, D., Lafortune, S., Winternitz, P.Symmetry classification of systems of differential-difference equations
CRM-2590Grammaticos, B., Ramani, A., Lafortune, S.The Gambier mapping, revisited
CRM-2666Deza, M.-M., Rosenberg, I. G.$n$ semimetrics
CRM-2665Perron, F.Beyond accept-reject sampling
CRM-2717Bengio, Y.Continuous optimization of hyper-parameters
CRM-2660Lalonde, F., McDuff, D., Polterovich, L.Hamiltonian fibrations
CRM-2661Gatien, D., Lalonde, F.Holomorphic cylinders with Lagrangian boundaries and periodic orbits of Hamiltonians systems
CRM-2718Nadeau, C., Bengio, Y.Inference and the generalization error
CRM-2658Kamran, N., Milson, R., Olver, P. J.Invariant modules and the reduction of non-linear partial equations to dynamical systems
CRM-2716Bengio, Y., Dugas, C.Learning simple non-stationarities with hyper-parameters
CRM-2659Finster, F., Kamran, N., Smoller, J., Yau, S.-T.Non-existence of time periodic solutions of the Dirac equations in axisymmetric black hole geometries
CRM-2664McKay, J.The semi-affine Coxeter–Dynkin diagram and $G < \operatorname{SU}_2$
CRM-2732Koosis, P.Use of logarithmic sums to estimate polynomials

July 19, 2006