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CRM-2137Hurtubise, J., Milgram, R. J.The Atiyah-Jones conjecture for ruled surfaces
CRM-2074Hurtubise, J.Finite-dimensional coadjoint orbits in a loop algebra
CRM-1930Floreanini, R., Morozov, A., Vinet, L.$q$-hypergeometric functions, quantum algebras and free fields
CRM-1925Lapointe, L., Vinet, L.Appell functions and the Pöschl-Teller potential
CRM-2138Gauthier, P. M., Paramonov, P.Approximation by harmonic functions in the $C^1$-norm and harmonic $C^1$-content of compact subsets of $\mathbb{R}^m$
CRM-2139Delfour, M. C., Zolésio, J.-P., Mghazli, Z.Calculs des gradients de forme pour les formulations mixtes
CRM-1924Spiridonov, V., Vinet, L., Zhedanov, A.Difference Schrödinger operators with the fixed symmetry properties
CRM-1928Spiridonov, V., Zhedanov, A.Discrete reflectionless potentials, quantum algebras, and $q$-orthogonal polynomials
CRM-1926Létourneau, P., Vinet, L.Dynamical polynomial algebras in quantum mechanics
CRM-1931Dubuc, B., Dubuc, S.Error bounds on the estimation of the fractal dimension
CRM-1923Harnad, J.Isospectral flow and Liouville-Arnold integration in loop algebras
CRM-2140Delfour, M. C., Ouansafi, A.Nouveau schéma d'approximation non itératif de l'équation différentielle matricielle de Riccati
CRM-1932Winternitz, P., Rideau, G.Spherical functions for the quantum group $s_q(2)$
CRM-1927Caenepeel, D., Gingras, F., Leblanc, M., McKeon, D. G. C.Structure of the effective potential in nonrelativistic Chern-Simons field theory
CRM-2135Lessard, S.Sélection de parentèle (kin selection)
CRM-2136Reyes, G. E., Maganan, F.Topos-theoretic versus set-theoretic approaches to cognition
CRM-1917Hussin, V., Lauzon, A., Rideau, G.$R$-matrix method for Heisenberg quantum groups
CRM-2134Reyes, G. E., La Palme Reyes, M., Macnamara, J.A category-theoretic approach to Aristotle's logic of terms, with special reference to negation
CRM-2128Lessard, S.Adaptive topography in fertility-viability selection models : The haplodiploid case
CRM-1921Harnad, J., Winternitz, P.Classical and quantum integrable systems in \widetilde\mathfrak gl(2)+* and separation of variables
CRM-1920Hussin, V., Nieto, L. M.Coherent states for isospectral oscillator Hamiltonians
CRM-1922Ndogmo, J.-C., Winternitz, P.Generalized Casimir operators of solvable Lie algebras with Abelian nilradicals
CRM-1916Leblanc, M., MacKenzie, R., Panigrahi, P. K., Ray, R.Induced $B \land F$ term and photon mass generation in $3+1$ dimensions
CRM-2127Kamran, N., Anderson, I., Olver, P. J.Internal symmetries of differential equations
CRM-2129Brunet, R. C., Barabé, D.Morphogénèse et dynamique : un survol de diverses approches
CRM-2132Rosenberg, I. G., Miyakawa, M., Nozaki, A., Pogosyan, G.Semirigid sets of quasi-linear clones
CRM-2133Gauthier, P. M.Subharmonic extensions and approximations
CRM-1919Floreanini, R., Vinet, L.Symmetries of the $q$-difference heat equation
CRM-2130Zhang, X., Boyer, S.The semi-norm and Dehn filling
CRM-1918Lari-Lavassani, A., Lu, Y.-C.The stability theorems for subgroups of \mathcal A and \mathcal K
CRM-2157Sharp, R., Farell, L., Lam, C. S. H.$G_2$ generator matrix elements for degenerate representations in an $\operatorname{SU}(3)$ basis
CRM-2122Reyes, G. E., La Palme Reyes, M., Macnamara, J.A category-theoretic approach to Aristotle's term logic, with special reference to syllogisms
CRM-2126Frigon, M., O'Regan, D.Boundary value problems for second order impulsive differential equations using set-valued maps
CRM-2125Frigon, M., O'Regan, D.Existence results for first order impulsive differential equations
CRM-2121Frigon, M., O'Regan, D.Existence results for some initial and boundary value problems without growth restriction
CRM-2123Zhang, X., Boyer, S.Finite Dehn surgery on knots
CRM-2124Gauthier, P. M., Bagby, T., Cornea, A.Harmonic approximation on arcs
CRM-1912Grundland, A. M., Tafel, J.Nonclassical symmetry reduction and Riemann wave solutions
CRM-1910Skorik, S., Spiridonov, V.Schrödinger operators with the $q$-ladder symmetry algebras
CRM-1915Rahman, M., Suslov, S. K.Singular analogue of the Fourier transformation for the Askey-Wilson polynomials
CRM-1914Ferretti, V., Lang, B. F., Sankoff, D.Skewed base compositions, asymmetric transition matrices and phylogenetic invariants
CRM-1911Howe, A.Strong stability of a system form of a differential equation from feedback control theory
CRM-1913Spiridonov, V.Universal superpositions of coherent states and self-similar potentials
CRM-1903Vinet, L.Automorphisms of the $q$-oscillator algebra and basic orthogonal polynomials
CRM-1904El Gradechi, A.Coherent states, supersymplectic geometry and supergeometric quantization
CRM-2119Zhang, X., Boyer, S.Cyclic surgery and boundary slopes
CRM-1907Angers, J.-F.Empirical Bayesian estimation of the parameter of a normal multiplicative model with application to the estimation of the eigenvalues of a Whishart matrix
CRM-2118Perron, F.Estimation d'une matrice et de ses valeurs propres
CRM-1908Schlomiuk, N.Les fonctions continues sans dérivée : autour d'un exemple de Riemann
CRM-1906Grundland, A. M., Tafel, J.On the existence of nonclassical symmetries of partial differential equations
CRM-2120Winternitz, P., Levi, D., Menyuk, C. R.Similarity reduction and perturbation solution of the stimulated-Raman-scattering equations in the presence of dissipation
CRM-1905Caux, J.-S., Vinet, L.Symmetries of the Harthan potential: Quadratic algebras and K-S transformations
CRM-1909Valin, P., Goulard, B., Sanielevici, M.Topology dependence in lattice simulations of nonlinear PDEs on a MIMD computer
CRM-2181Bougourzi, H., Vinet, L.A quantum analogue of the boson-fermion correspondence
CRM-2114Schlomiuk, D.Algebraic particular integrals, integrability and the problem of the center
CRM-1899Kolyshkin, A. A., Vaillancourt, R.Analytical solution to eddy current testing of cylindrical problems with varying properties
CRM-2116Angers, J.-F., Büyükkurt, K.Bayesian regression under partial ordinal constraints: An application to metric conjoint analysis
CRM-1898Leng-Shatford, X., Patera, J.Graded contractions of representations of orthogonal and symplectic Lie algebras with respect to their maximal parabolic subalgebras
CRM-1902Spiridonov, V.Infinite soliton systems, quantum algebras, and Painlevé equations
CRM-2110Kamran, N., Anderson, I., Olver, P. J.Internal, external and generalized symmetries
CRM-1900Kolyshkin, A. A., Vaillancourt, R.Linear stability of Couette flow with rotating inner cylinder and radially nonuniform internal heat sources
CRM-2113Winternitz, P., del Olmo, M., Rodríguez, M. A.Maximal Abelian subgroups of $\operatorname{SU}(p,q)$ and integrable Hamiltonian systems
CRM-2112Van Vliet, C. M., Varani, L., Reggiani, L., Mitin, V., Kuhn, T.Non-exponential generation-recombination dynamics in doped semiconductors as a possible source of high frequency $1/f$ noise
CRM-2111Reyes, G. E., Kock, A.Relatively Boolean and De Morgan toposes and locales
CRM-2117Angers, J.-F., Tan, M.Robust empirical and hierarchical Bayes estimation of normal means and rates in longitudinal studies
CRM-2115Van Vliet, C. M., Huisso, A.Two point occupation-correlation functions as obtained from the stochastic Boltzmann transport equation (semiclassical) and the many-body microscopic master equation (quantal)
CRM-1896Bougourzi, H., Weston, R. A.$N$-point correlation functions of the spin-1 XXZ model
CRM-2106Brunet, R. C., Carrier, G., Brodeur, J.A generalized model for disposition kinetics of TCDD and related compounds in mammals, including man
CRM-2105Frigon, M., Granas, A., Guennoun , Z.A note on the Cauchy problem for differential inclusions
CRM-2108Gauthier, P. M., Zwick , D.Best uniform approximation by harmonic functions on subsets of Riemannian manifolds
CRM-1894Gadella, M., Nieto, L. M.Fermion systems and the Moyal formulation of quantum mechanics
CRM-2109Winternitz, P.Lie point symmetries and exact solutions of nonlinear differential equations
CRM-1892Karoui, A., Vaillancourt, R.Numerical solutions of state-dependent delay differential equations
CRM-1893Gadella, M., Nieto, L. M.On the Moyal formulation of quantum identical particles
CRM-2107Cariena, J. F., del Olmo, M., Winternitz, P.On the relation between weak and strong invariance of differential equations
CRM-1895Moody, R. V., Patera, J.The inflation symmetries and colorings of quasicrystals
CRM-1897Cangemi, D., Leblanc, M.Two-dimensional gauge theoretic supergravities
CRM-1888Floreanini, R., Vinet, L.$q$-difference realizations of quantum algebras
CRM-1884Morozov, A., Vinet, L.$q$-hypergeometric functions in the formalism of free fields
CRM-2092Rahman, Q. I., Schmeisser, G.A quadrature formula for entire functions of exponential type
CRM-2093Lessard, S.Adaptive topography in fertility-viability selection models: An alternative to inclusive fitness in kin selection models
CRM-2098Rosenberg, I. G., Davey, B.Algebraic duality
CRM-1891Bérubé-Lauzière, Y., Hussin, V.Annihilation operators and coherent states for the Jaynes-Cummings model
CRM-1886Antimirov, M. Y., Kolyshkin, A. A., Vaillancourt, R.Application of a perturbation method to the solution of eddy current testing problems
CRM-2097Van Vliet, C. M.Bandgap narrowing and emitter efficiency in heavily doped emitter structures revisited
CRM-2099Gauthier, P. M., Zwick , D.Best uniform approximation by solutions of elliptic differential equations
CRM-1880Spiridonov, V., Vinet, L., Zhedanov, A.Difference Schrödinger operators with linear and exponential discrete spectra
CRM-2103Angers, J.-F., Fong, D.Estimating moments on the minimum order statistic from normal populations — A Bayesian approach
CRM-2095Perron, F.Estimation of a mean vector in a two-sample problem
CRM-2090Frigon, M., O'Regan, D.Existence results for initial value problems in Banach spaces
CRM-1890Floreanini, R., Vinet, L.Generalized $q$-Bessel functions
CRM-2104Gauthier, P. M.J. L. Walsh and qualitative approximation
CRM-2089Delfour, M. C., Polis, M. P.On issues related to stabilization of large flexible space structures
CRM-2101Hurtubise, J., González-López, A., Kamran, N., Olver, P. J.Quantification de la cohomologie des algèbres de Lie de champs de vecteurs et fibrés en droites sur des surfaces complexes compactes
CRM-1889Grundland, A. M., Lalague, L.Sous-groupes de Lie du groupe de symétries pour les équations de la dynamique des fluides et de la magnétohydrodynamique II
CRM-1882El Gradechi, A.Super geometric quantization of an OSp(1/2) coadjoint orbit
CRM-1881Levi, D., Vinet, L., Winternitz, P.Symmetries of a classical Chern-Simons theory
CRM-2102Gauthier, P. M., Boivin, A.Tangential and uniform approximation
CRM-1887Bougourzi, H., Weston, R. A.The bosonization of $U_q(\operatorname{su}(2)_k)$: Vertex operators and matrix elements
CRM-2096Brunet, R. C., Struchiner, C. J., Halloran, M. E.The effect of behaviour change on estimates of prophylactic HIV vaccine efficacy in the field
CRM-2094Reyes, G. E., Macnamara, J.The logical foundations of cognition
CRM-2091Rahman, Q. I., Schmeisser, G.The summation formulae of Poisson, Plana, Euler-Maclaurin and their relationship
CRM-2100Gauthier, P. M.Uniform approximation: Holomorphic, harmonic, subharmonic
CRM-1883Delfour, M. C., Mghazli, Z., Zolésio, J.-P.Computation of shape gradients for mixed finite element formulation
CRM-2083Van Vliet, C. M., Nainaparampil, J. J., Marshak, A. H.Ehrenfest derivation of the mean forces acting in materials with nonuniform band structure: A canonical approach
CRM-2085Schlomiuk, N.Jean Dieudonné (1906-1992) in memoriam
CRM-2086Schlomiuk, N.L'histoire des mathématiques : pourquoi et comment
CRM-1878Harnad, J., Wisse, M.-A.Loop algebra moment maps and Hamiltonian models for the Painlevé transcendants
CRM-1875Bougourzi, H., Weston, R. A.Matrix elements of $U_q(\operatorname{su}(2)_k)$ vertex operators via bosonization
CRM-2084Frigon, M., O'Regan, D.Some general existence principles for ordinary differential equations
CRM-1879Grundland, A. M., Lalague, L.Sous-groupes de Lie du groupe de symétries pour les équations décrivant un flot non stationnaire et isentropique I
CRM-2088Bélair, J., Campbell, S. A.Stability and bifurcations of equilibria in a multiple-delayed differential equation
CRM-1876El Gradechi, A., Nieto, L. M.Supercoherent states, super Kähler geometry and geometric quantization
CRM-2087Gauthier, P. M., Ladouceur, S.Uniform approximation and fine potential theory
CRM-1871Ndogmo, J.-C., Winternitz, P.Casimir operators of solvable Lie algebras
CRM-2079Kamran, N., Gardner, R. B.Characteristics and the geometry of non-linear hyperbolic equations in the plane
CRM-1874Bérubé-Lauzière, Y., Hussin, V.Comments on the definition of coherent states for the susy harmonic oscillator
CRM-2082Rousseau, C., Dumortier, F., Roussarie, R.Elementary graphics of cyclicity 1 and 2
CRM-1872Hussin, V., Negro, J., del Olmo, M.Invariant connections in a non-Abelian principal bundle
CRM-2080Rahman, Q. I., Bojanov, B. D.On certain extremal problems for polynomials
CRM-1873Seiler, W.On the arbitrariness of the general solution on an involutive partial differential equation
CRM-1870Faucher, M., Winternitz, P.Symmetry analysis of the Infeld-Rowlands equation
CRM-2081Delfour, M. C.Technologies pour l'assignation des fréquences du spectre inférieures à 1 GHz. II
CRM-1867Ndogmo, J.-C.Caractérisation des invariants d'algèbres de Lie résolubles
CRM-1866Wisse, M.-A.Darboux coordinates and isospectral Hamiltonian flows for the massive Thirring model
CRM-2077Gauthier, P. M., Takhanov, N. N.Degenerate cases of uniform approximation by solutions of systems with surjective symbols
CRM-1869Conn, A. R., Mongeau, M.Discontinuous piecewise differentiable optimization II; Degeneracy and applications
CRM-2075Sankoff, D., Kececioglu, J.Exact and approximation algorithms for the inversion distance between two chromosomes
CRM-2078Bincer, A. M., Patera, J.Graded contractions of Casimir operators
CRM-1865Tafel, J., Wisse, M.-A.Loop algebra approach to generalized sine-Gordon equations
CRM-2076Reyes, G. E., La Palme Reyes, M., Macnamara, J.Proper names and how they are learned
CRM-1864Ndogmo, J.-C., Winternitz, P.Solvable Lie algebras with Abelian nilradicals
CRM-1868Levi, D., Vinet, L., Winternitz, P.Symmetries and conditional symmetries of a non-relativistic Chern-Simons systems
CRM-2072Schlomiuk, D.Algebraic and geometric aspects of the theory of polynomial vector fields
CRM-2073Bélair, J., Campbell, S. A.Delays and tori in a nonlinear model from motor control
CRM-1862Kalnins, E. G., Winternitz, P.Maximal Abelian subalgebras of complex Euclidean Lie algebras
CRM-1863Hussin, V., Nieto, L. M.Supergroups factorizations through matrix realization
CRM-2071Winternitz, P., Levi, D.Symmetries and conditional symmetries of differential difference equations
CRM-1847Delfour, M. C., Zolésio, J.-P.A boundary differential equation for thin shells
CRM-1859Fernandez, D. J., Nieto, L. M., del Olmo, M., Santander, M.Aharonov-Anandan Geometric phase for ½ spin periodic Hamiltonians
CRM-2065Reyes, G. E., Makkai, M.Completeness results for intuitionistic and modal logic in a categorical setting
CRM-1853Langlands, R. P., Pouliot, P., Saint-Aubin, Y.Conformal invariance in two-dimensional percolation
CRM-1844Harnad, J.Dual isomonodromic deformations and moment maps to loop algebras
CRM-1856Hussin, V., Nieto, L. M.Factorization method for the supergroups $\operatorname{OSP}(m/2n)$
CRM-1860Hussin, V., Nieto, L. M.From super Lie algebras to supergroups: Matrix realizations and the factorization problem
CRM-1848Subbotin, A. I.Generalized characteristics of first-order partial differential equations
CRM-1857Nieto, L. M.Green's function for crossed time-dependent electric and magnetic fields. Phase-space quantum mechanics approach
CRM-2070Grundland, A. M., Winternitz, P., Tuszynski, J. A.Group theory and solutions of classical field theories with polynomial nonlinearities
CRM-1846Harnad, J., Tracy, C. A., Widom, H.Hamiltonian structure of equations appearing in random matrices
CRM-1845Clarke, F. H., Ledyaev, Y.Mean value inequalities in Hilbert space
CRM-1854Harnad, J., Wisse, M.-A.Moment maps to loop algebras classical $R$-matrix and integrable systems
CRM-2064Kamran, N., González-López, A., Olver, P. J.Normalizability of one-dimensional quasi-exactly solvable Schrödinger operators
CRM-1849Constantineau, I.Note sur la structure des graphes simples (orientés) relativement aux degrés (intérieur et extérieur) de leurs sommets
CRM-1850El Gradechi, A.On the supersymplectic homogeneous superspace underlying the OSp(1/2) coherent states
CRM-1858Nieto, L. M., Gadella, M.Phase-space quantum mechanics study of two identical particles in an external oscillatory potential
CRM-2066Winternitz, P., Rubin, J.Solvable Lie algebras with Heisenberg ideals
CRM-1861El Gradechi, A., Hussin, V., Nieto, L. M.Supersymmetry and coherent states
CRM-1851Gagnon, L., Winternitz, P.Symmetry classes of variable coefficient nonlinear Schrödinger equations
CRM-1855Hussin, V., Negro, J., del Olmo, M.Symmetry of gauge fields and non-Abelian cohomology
CRM-2069Patera, J., Moody, R. V.The E8 family of quasicrystals
CRM-2067Schlomiuk, D., Ecalle, J.The nilpotent part and distinguished form of resonnant vector fields or diffeomorphisms
CRM-2068Rosenberg, I. G., Nozaki, A., Miyakawa, M., Pogosyan, G.The number of orthogonal permutations
CRM-1852Bougourzi, H.Uniqueness of the bosonization of the $U_q(\operatorname{su}(2)_k)$ quantum current algebra

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