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André-Aisenstadt prize 2007 - Alexander Holroyd

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André-Aisenstadt Prize 2007 - Alexander E. Holroyd
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Alexander E. Holroyd was educated at the University of Cambridge, where he obtained his Ph.D. in mathematics in 2000 under the supervision of Geoffrey Grimmett. Subsequently he became a Hedrick Assistant Professor at UCLA, then a Postdoctoral Fellow at the University of California at Berkeley. Since 2002 he has been at the University of British Columbia, where he is now Associate Professor. In 2004, he was awarded the Rollo Davidson Prize, an annual international prize for young probabilists.

Dr. Holroyd is an outstanding young probabilist, with broad research interests. His work is focussed on discrete spatial models, including cellular automata, percolation, matching, traffic models, and sorting networks. Despite his youth he is already a major figure in this multi-disciplinary area. One of his most striking achievements is the determination of the exact threshold for bootstrap percolation, an important example of a cellular automata. The prize will be given on April 5, 2007 at CRM.

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