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Workshop on Dynamical disease – from the blackboard to the bedside

The rapid development of wearable devices, cell phone apps and cloud computing has the promise of providing the continuous monitoring of key physiological variables such as heart rate and body temperature of every individual in a population at risk. Implantable electronic devices and nanotechnologies make it possible to restore physiological functions lost by disease and to treat medical emergencies when they arise. Thus it is possible to develop a personalized medicine in which patients at risk can be identified and even treated before their health deteriorates. Thus the goals of mathematical physiology include the development of mathematical models 1) to uncover disease mechanisms, 2) to develop therapeutic strategies, and 3) to identify the dynamical changes in those physiological variables which can be easily monitored that warn of impending illness. This workshop will focus on past successes of modeling dynamical diseases, address new modeling directions, and deal with practical aspects of translating theoretical insights into accepted diagnostics and therapy.

November 4-6, 2019

Monday: Mathematical Medicine - goals and challenges
Tuesday: Dynamics of diseases
Wednesday: Feedback control