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Workshop on Dynamical diseases and mHealth: chronic disease

The healthcare system is experiencing a paradigm shift in delivering its services, evolving from a reactive 'one side-fits-all' structure to a patient-centrist model focusing on individualized medicine. However, the dream of providing personalized health care to every individual on the planet requires that mathematicians obtain solutions to a number of practical problems. These issues include, but are not limited to, the identification of the important physiologically accessible parameters to monitor, the development of efficient data mining techniques to detect abnormality and statistical analytic techniques to identify artifacts and determine levels of significance that would motivate medical intervention. This workshop draws on the experience garnered from drug development protocols that incorporate data gathered at the level of individuals. Systems level mathematical insights are provided in the form of pharmacometrics-based decision support tools which bring together validated scientific components, available technical options, considerations of regulatory aspects, and achievement of efficient commercialization. Examples of pharmacometric-based decision tools that support the monitoring and individualization of treatment strategies in neonates, children, adults and the elderly will be covered.

November 11-13, 2019

Monday: Dynamical disease and mHealth: Chronic Disease
Tuesday: Drug Delivery & Monitoring
Wednesday: mHealth and Individualized Medicine