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Calendar of scientific activities

CRM 50th anniversary

• June 11 - July 6, 2018Causal Inference in the Presence of Dependence and Network Structure
• July 2-6, 2018A Celebration of CICMA’s Postdoctoral Program
• July 9-20, 2018Montreal Summer Workshop on Challenges in Probability and Mathematical Physics
• July 23-28, 2018XIX International Congress on Mathematical Physics (ICMP 2018)
• Sept. 10-28, 2018Faces of Integrability
• Sept. 17 - Oct. 14, 2018Algebra, Combinatorics and Mathematical Computer Science
• Mar. 1-31, 2019New Developments in Free Probability and Applications
• Apr. 1, 2019 - Apr. 30, 2018Topological and Rigorous Computational Methods for High Dimensional Dynamics
• May 1-31, 2019Data Assimilation: Theory, Algorithms, and Applications

Thematic Semester: Mathematical challenges in many-body physics and quantum information

Grandes conférences publiques du CRM

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Interdisciplinary and Industrial Program

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General Program at CRM and External Activities Supported by CRM


• June 11-22, 2018SMS 2018 Summer School: Derived Geometry and Higher Categorical Structures in Geometry and Physics

CRM Laboratories

CRM-ISM Colloquium
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