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Workshop postponed- Dates to be confirmed

New dates: May 7-9, 2020
Optimization challenges in healthcare

Demographic changes and growing health care costs make efficient healthcare delivery an increasingly challenging task. Healthcare systems are evolving by adopting new delivery models (e.g. home care and telemedicine), new diagnostic tools (e.g. leveraging AI), and new treatment planning and delivery tools (e.g. using the latest medical technologies).

The growing availability of healthcare-relevant data also increasingly permits the application of novel OR techniques to healthcare-related problems. However, due to the private nature of healthcare data, real of even realistic benchmark data are rarely available to compare the performance of different OR techniques.

The purpose of this workshop is to share such benchmark datasets in the fields of home care, cancer treatment logistics, and hospital operations, in order to enable a better understanding of the performance of different OR techniques in these contexts. These datasets will include the same patterns as the real-life datasets shared by our research partners, but ensure confidentiality by not disclosing whether a particular individual’s information was used (the accompanying paper describing the underlying methodology in detail will be available).

Invited speakers from diverse countries will give a series of lectures that motivate research on the numerous challenges of optimizing healthcare operations. We anticipate that financial support will be available for national and international students who present posters.

Registration fees

(Registration fees include meals and social activities)

-Students and Postdoctoral fellows: $90

-Other: $260