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SMS 2019 - Overview

Symplectic topology is a rapidly developing branch of geometry that has seen phenomenal growth in the last twenty years. This two weeks long summer school, organized in the setting of the “Séminaire de Mathématiques Supérieures”, intends to survey some of the key directions of development in the subject today thus covering: advances in homological mirror symmetry; applications to hamiltonian dynamics; persistent homology phenomena; implications of flexibility and the dichotomy flexibility/rigidity; legendrian contact homology; embedded contact homology and four-dimensional holomorphic techniques and others. With the collaboration of many of the top researchers in the field today, the school intends to serve as an introduction and guideline to students and young researchers who are interested in accessing this diverse subject.

Open problems panel (two one hour sessions)

Paul Biran (ETH), Helmut Hofer (IAS, Princeton), Leonid Polterovich (Tel Aviv).

The school will also feature exercise sessions and selected talks by young researchers.

The school will be held at the Pavillon André-Aisenstad, rooms 1140 and 1180.

Group photo - Click for the large version