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Since the work of Helmholtz followed by that of Hopfield, neuroscience has been a major source of inspiration for artificial intelligence (AI). Indeed, a number of algorithm architectures, notably that of deep learning networks, bear direct resemblance to mechanisms found in the brain. Today, AI algorithms provide powerful approaches to addressing a wide range of important neuroscience questions. Machine learning techniques in particular are now widely used to address cutting-edge research questions in systems, computational, cognitive and clinical neuroscience. Nevertheless, the future impact and progress in both Neuroscience and AI will strongly depend on a more efficient synergy between the research communities in the two fields. This is precisely the purpose of this international workshop, which is aimed both at neuroscientists with a keen interest in AI, and at AI and data science experts with interests in neuroscience. Following the success of MAIN2017 and MAIN2018, MAIN 2019 will be a special opportunity to hear about cutting-edge research by leading scientists in both fields. The two days of lectures will be preceded by two days of training for students and newcomers to this interdisciplinary field. The hands-on workshops will be held at MILA (Quebec Institute for Artificial Intelligence). You will find more information about the invited speakers, the full program, registration and practical details via the sections at the top of this page and make sure you check out the call for posters, via the link on the right side of this page! We look forward to welcoming you to the third Montreal Artificial Intelligence and Neuroscience (MAIN 2019) conference! The members of the organizing committee, Centre UNIQUE and CRM would like to thank our external sponsors for their generous support.

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