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Simons CRM Scholar-in-Residence Program
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Simons CRM Scholar-in-Residence Program

The Centre de recherches mathématiques (CRM), based in Montréal, Canada, is soliciting proposals for its scholar-in-residence program. This program, funded with the generous support of the Simons Foundation, is directed towards exceptional researchers in mathematics and related areas at both the junior (less then 10 years since Ph.D.) and senior levels, and will permit the CRM to invite such researchers for extended visits. During their visit, senior researchers will hold the title Simons CRM Professor; junior researchers will be designated as Simons CRM Scholars.

The scholars-in-residence will be chosen to enhance the manifold research activities held at the CRM. In particular, they will participate in and enrich the CRM thematic programs. They will also contribute to the collaborative research activities of the thirteen CRM research laboratories. Finally, they will be a driving force for the CRM’s 50th anniversary special year in 2018–2019, during which the CRM has planned a series of intensive month-long activities intended to stimulate new mathematical partnerships and discoveries in areas of particular current interest and of substantial local strength.

The visits of scholars-in-residence will be between two and six months in length. The only exception to this is during 2018 and 2019, when month-long visits, coinciding with the 50th anniversary month-long activities, will be permitted.

The support covers round-trip travel to Montréal and the costs of local accommodation, including family accommodation when needed. Senior researchers will additionally be provided with a research budget for the purpose of inviting collaborators to visit them during their residency. In exceptional circumstances, the CRM may also be able to facilitate visits by paying the home institutions of scholars-in-residence for a one-course teaching release.

Applications may be submitted by the proposed scholar-in-residence or by a local researcher, CRM laboratory, or CRM event organizer, on behalf of the proposed visitor. Please include the following documents. 
• A cover letter indicating the scientific justification for the visit and preferred dates. 
• A current CV of the proposed scholar-in-residence. 
• A letter of support from a CRM-affiliated individual or research group, or event organizer, when appropriate.

The CRM’s International Scientific Advisory Committee will consider proposals four times per year. The corresponding submission deadlines are January 10, April 1, July 1 and October 1.

Applications should be submitted to the Director of the CRM by email at nomination@crm.umontreal.ca.

We are proud to introduce the recipients of the first Simons CRM Scholar-in-Residence Program that were present in Montreal during the fall 2017 trimester. These researchers can be associated to a thematic program or collaborate with researchers appointed to the CRM.

Researchers associated to the thematic semester on Risk in Complex Systems

Anne-Laure Fougères, professor, Université Claude-Bernard Lyon 1, France
Area of research: : statistics

Pierre Del Moral, professor, University of New South Wales, Sydney, Australie & INRIA
Area of research : applied propabilities

Roger Cooke, Chauncey Starr Senior Fellow, Resources for the Future & Technische Universiteit Delft, Pays-Bas
Area of research : decision theory

Researchers collaborating with members of the CRM laboratories

Marc-Hubert Nicole, lecturer, Université d’Aix-Marseille, France
Area of research : arithmetic geometry

Lior Bary-Soroker, associate professor, Université de Tel Aviv, Israël
Area of research : number theory