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The CRM requests that all researchers related to the Centre de recherches mathématiques register their research papers in its research-report database to mirror as accurately as possible the research done at the CRM.

Please e-mail to Josée Leclerc, the title and author(s) of your research paper. He will assign you a number that you can include in your research paper.

To give public access to your research paper, here are two options:

a) Submit your research paper to one of the archives on the net, e.g., «Mathematics ArXiv». An identification number will then be assigned to you (“article ID”) of the form “math.XX/1234567”. The “arXiv” provides clear instructions for doing this at the page « Front to the Mathematics ArXiv ».
Send an email with the “article ID” to Josée Leclerc ho will place a link to it on our preprint page.

b) Send the files to Josée Leclerc who will produce a copy that will be directly available on our preprint page.

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Professor Alexandre Girouard girouard@crm.umontreal.ca, Deputy Director scientific activities.

Publications are an important component of the CRM's contribution to the dissemination of research in the mathematical sciences. The CRM has two long-standing series co-published with the American Mathematical Society (AMS), the CRM Monograph Series and the CRM Proceedings (formerly CRM Proceedings and Lectures Notes, recently included in Contemporary Mathematics). Springer publishes and distributes the CRM Series in Mathematical Physics, and a few titles from the CRM were included in its Lecture Notes in Statistics series. Although most of the books issued by the CRM are now to be found in these various series, the CRM also publishes and distributes, in French and in English, through Les Publications du CRM, monographs, proceedings, lecture notes, software and videos. In addition, the CRM occasionally takes part in projects with various publishers, and distributes preprints of the papers written by its researchers.