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CRM, MITACS, Mprime partnership [ français ]

MITACS (Mathematics of Information Technology and Complex Systems) is a pan-Canadian network of mathematics whose creation was proposed by the three Canadian mathematical sciences institutes, the CRM, Fields and PIMS.

MITACS was officially launched on February 19, 1999. By March 1999, all 21 initial research projects were underway. MITACS leads Canada's effort in the generation, application and commercialization of new mathematical tools and methodologies within a world-class research program. In order to do so, the network initiates and fosters linkages with industrial, governmental, and not-for-profit organization. The only network of centres of excellence for the mathematical sciences, MITACS currently has 300 scientists, 600 students, working on 30 ongoing projects, involving almost 50 Canadian universities. MITACS research focuses on five key sectors of the economy: biomedical and health, environment and natural resources, information processing, risk and finance and communication, networks and security.

In 2011, MITACS was split in half. The network of centres of excellence is now called Mprime. Both networks have brought and still bring financial and administrative support to the institutes for the organization of activities according to their mandate. The networks have especially brought support to the CRM on the course of four workshops about industrial problem solving organized by the CRM and for several workshops during the thematic semester on applied dynamics systems (June-December 2007) and during the thematic semester on imagery (August-December 2009). Please find hereby a partial list of activities at the CRM that have received a supprot from MITAC and Mprime.

Fourth Montreal Industrial Problem Solving Workshop
August 15-19, 2011

Causal Inference in Health Research
May 9-13, 2011

Decision Analysis and Sustainable Development -

September 27-28, 2010

Inverse Problem in Brain Imaging and Multimodal Fusion
August 24-29, 2009

Brain Activity Modeling: from Fine to Coarse Scale
August 17-22, 2009

Third Montreal Industrial Problem Solving Workshop
August 17-21, 2008

Second Montreal Industrial Problem Solving Workshop
August 18-22, 2008

Mathematical Neuroscience
September 16-19, 2007

First Montreal Industrial Problem Solving Workshop
August 20-24, 2007

Statistical Methods for Modeling Dynamic Systems
July 9-13, 2007

Data Mining and Mathematical Programming
Octobre 10-13, 2006

Statistical and Machine Learning: Topics at the Interface
May 23-27, 2006

MITACS on Biomedical Research
January 18-19, 2005

Forest Fires and Point Processes
May 24-28, 2005

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