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Events at the CRM

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Scientific activities


Calendar of scientific activities

General Program at CRM and External Activities Supported by CRM

• June 21, 2021EDI-Colloquium on Indigenous People National Day - Melania Alvarez
• June 25-27, 2021The Queer and Trans Mathematicians in Combinatorics conference
• July 15-18, 20216th Canadian Conference in Applied Statistics
• July 19-21, 2021Workshop on Computational Modelling of Cancer Biology and Treatments
• July 19-24, 2021Mathematical Congress of the Americas
• July 26-28, 2021Group theoretical methods in physics in memory of Pavel Winternitz
• Oct. 1-8, 2021Nirenberg Lectures in Geometric Analysis - Yuansi Chen and Bo’az Klartag
• Oct. 11-15, 2021Workshop on Special Geometries on Riemannian Manifolds
• Jan. 15, 2022Topology and supervision - A day in memory of Norbert Schlomiuk


• Aug. 23-24, 2021École Langlands du Centre de Recherches Mathématiques

Grandes conférences publiques du CRM

• Oct. 28, 2021Intelligence artificielle: entre généraliser et comprendre - Grande conférence de Yoshua Bengio

Interdisciplinary and Industrial Program

• Aug. 23-27, 202111th Montreal Industrial Problem-Solving Workshop

Thematic Semester: The Mathematics of Decision Making, September-December 2021

• Sept. 27 - Oct. 1, 2021Optimization under uncertainty
• Nov. 16-18, 2021Agents behaviour in combinatorial game theory
• Nov. 16-18, 2021Éva Tardos Aisenstadt Chair Lecture Series

• Mar. 13-27, 2022Workshop: Interacting Particle Systems and Hydrodynamic Limits
• Apr. 10-17, 2022Workshop: Mean-field games
• May 1-15, 2022Workshop: Branching systems, reaction-diffusion equations and population models
• May 15-28, 2022Workshop: Unifying concepts in PDEs with randomness

CRM Laboratories
• Oct. 29, 2021Fall Meeting of Statlab 2021
• Nov. 26, 2021Symposium on Risk Modeling-SMR21

CRM-ISM Colloquium
Colloques des sciences mathématiques du Québec