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Fellows of the CRM
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Since 2013, the Centre de recherches mathématiques recognizes outstanding contributions to the development of the CRM and the accomplishment of its objectives by naming individuals as Fellows of the CRM. Other Fellows will be named in future years.


André Aisenstadt

This recognition is awarded posthumously to André Aisenstadt for his unfailing support to the mission of the CRM. The interest he has taken to scientific research and the donation he made to the CRM in the mid ’90s, is a rare example nowadays of patronage of people and companies who vigorously support the emergence in Quebec of a great scientific tradition. His donation has had a major impact on scientific programs at CRM, particularly by encouraging the reunion at CRM, of the best scientific minds of our time together with Canadian scientists, their students and postdoctoral students in a friendly atmosphere conducive to research.

Jerry Bona

This recognition is awarded to Jerry Bona for his lifetime achievement at CRM. For many years, he was the great ambassador of CRM throughout the world, while working tirelessly and with much aplomb on the advisory committee (International Scientific Advisory Committee) where his qualities as a scientist and his knowledge of both pure and applied mathematics have often helped come up with a consensus.

Jean-Pierre Bourguignon

The distinction of honorary member at CRM is awarded to Jean-Pierre Bourguignon for his exceptional contributions to the development and radiance of the CRM, particularly when he was at the helm fo the National committee on mathematics in Canada and for his participation to the internal Green report at CRM. It is an honour and a privilege to be able to count on a friend as faithful to the CRM.

Mark Green

This recognition is awarded to Mark Green for his several substantial contributions to the CRM. His knowledge of pure mathematics, and especially of algebraic geometry, was invaluable in the assessment and general judgment required at the Comité Scientifique du CRM. His experience as director of IPAM was useful in the perspective of competitions for thematic programs. Finally, as chair of the CRM's committee in charge of evaluating the CRM's performance and orientations, he had a crucial impact on the future of the CRM. It is a great pleasure and an honour to offer this recognition to him.

Robert Langlands

This recognition is given to Robert Langlands for the total body of his work towards the CRM. He became for many years, one of the great ambassadors of the CRM in the world, while working ceaselessly and with much aplomb on the CRM scientific program he had much at heart. It is with pleasure and gratitude that the CRM awards him this recognition.