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2009 André Aisenstadt Recipient

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2009 André Aisenstadt Prize Recipient
Valentin Blomer (UBC) [ français ]

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Following his master's degree in 2001, Valentin Blomer burst onto the number theory scene by solving a deep and difficult problem of Paul Erdos, allowing him to obtain his Ph.D. in 2002 under Jorg Brudern at the University of Stuttgart, after just one year! After spending the 2003/4 year as a post-doctoral fellow at the University of Toronto, he returned to Germany to start as an assistant professor at Gottingen, and has been back in Toronto, as an assistant professor, since 2005.

Blomer's solution to Erdos's problem revolved around getting precise estimates for the number of integers up to a given point represented by a given binary quadratic form, where that point is small enough that the coefficients of the form will have significant impact on the shape of the solution. This type of question going back to Lagrange and Gauss, so it is not surprising that Blomer's work on this has had such an impact.

Recently Blomer has focused on the subconvexity problem for automorphic L-functions, obtaining in papers with Harcos and Michel the best results known in this central question, in several different aspects. Also recently Blomer and Harcos obtained the complete spectral decomposition for the shifted convolution problem, a question that goes back to Selberg.

Blomer has many other fine works in all sorts of different directions. He seems to generate a wealth of ideas, aided by great technical prowess. There is obviously much more to come.

Valentin Blomer's exceptional research has been recognized by several prizes and honors, including a 2005 Heinz Maier-Leibnitz award in Germany and a 2008 Sloan Research Fellowship. Valentin Blomer also is an exceptional pianist, having performed throughout Europe, in Japan and in Canada, and even winning an international competition in Belgium in 2002.

It is with great pleasure that the CRM awards the 2009 André Aisenstadt Prize to Dr. Valentin Blomer in recognition of research achievement in mathematics. The Prize will be awarded at a ceremony to be held On March 20, 2009 at the CRM.

Conference abstract: I will give a survey on the role of L-functions in number theory and present subconvexity bounds for twisted automorphic L-functions over number fields. I will give various arithmetic and geometric applications of such bounds including a contribution to Hilbert's eleventh problem.