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2013 André Aisenstadt Recipient

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2013 André Aisenstadt Prize in Mathematics Recipient
Spyros Alexakis (University of Toronto)

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The International Scientific Advisory Committee of the Centre de recherches mathématiques is happy to announce that Spyros Alexakis from the University of Toronto is the 2013 André Aisenstadt Prize recipient.

Dr. Alexakis obtained a bachelor in arts degree from the University of Athens in 1999 and a Ph.D. from Princeton University in 2005 under the supervision of Charles Fefferman.  He held a Clay Research Fellowship as well as a Sloan Fellowship. He joined the Mathematics Department of the University of Toronto in 2008. He works in analysis and  mathematical physics. Alone and with collaborators he obtained striking results in at least three different directions. His main contribution is a solution to a conjecture of Deser and Schwimmer regarding the structure of global conformal invariants. This work was published as a research monograph in the prestigious  Annals of Mathematics Studies of Princeton University.  Secondly, together with Klainerman and Ionescu, he made important progress in the understanding of the Kerr solutions to Einstein's equations. Finally, jointly with Mazzeo, he obtained deep results concerning minimal surfaces with bounded Wilmore energy.