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The following map gives you a general idea of Armenian geography. A zoomable pdf map can also be downnloaded.

The ASI will be held at the NAREK center of Yerevan University, in Tsakhkadzor, which is located approximately 70 km from Yerevan, the capital of Armenia, at 2000 meters above sea level. As soon as all participants notify the organizing committee of their arrival times, 3 vans will bring them to the conference center from the airport. The conference center shown below (and also on the main page) has about 100 rooms and 2 conference areas.

It has been constructed within the last year and includes a restaurant and a bar. The picture below offers a view of its interior.

The ASI will last 11 working days from 18 to 29 August 2003 (the seventh day will feature a choice of excursion venues).

The Yerevan Physics Institute YerPhI , which helps organize this NATO ASI, has been one of the leading centres of research in particle physics for many decades (since 1942) in close collaboration with similar centres of JINR, DESY, CERN, etc.

It should be noted that experimental physics uses many of the same methods that are often used in Data Fusion, hence the interest of the director and the co-director of the institute to co-organize this ASI on Data Fusion.

On the day off, participants of the ASI can visit Yerevan, which has art galleries with very extensive collections of classical and modern art, concert halls, Opera house, shops, restaurants, etc. They can visit the wineries and the brandy distillery or visit some of Armenia's famous historical monuments, such as churches built in 5th and 6th centuries, 2 thousand year old temples or 3 thousand year old archeological excavations of kingdom Urartu etc.

The climate in Armenia in August is warm (20-30 degrees C), sunny and dry. At 2,000 meters, the temperature at the conference site will be 17-25 degrees C. You may need a sweater in the evening.

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