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Registration to this NATO ASI can be done electronically by editing the Word document or by hand with the PDF document.

The deadline for registering is 15 June 2003, in order that the organizers can finalize the rooms at the facilities (hotels) in Armenia. There may be late registration up to 8 August 2003, but people registering that late may end up staying in a different facility (not far from the main site).

To ensure that there is transportation for people to reach these hotels, we must receive the exact itineraries by e-mail or fax no later than 8 August 2003. All Canadians should get their tickets ordered through the same travel agency (contact person Hasmik Atoyan tel: 514-481-9159 or 514-904-2776) to be able to get discount tickets.

For the lecturers, the ASI budget covers travel, room and board. For all others who qualify for support (university staff, students and certain partner country participants) room and board will be covered, and there will be a fixed support amount towards travel, depending on the country of origin and number of qualified people from that country.

The negotiated room rates are very reasonable:
Room with 2 single beds and private bathroom : $32US/night.
If 2 people share a room, there will be $5 additional per room for the extra towels and sheets.
3 meals including wine with dinner will cost $25US/day.

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Last updated 30 June 2003