Data Fusion for Situation Monitoring, Incident Detection, Alert and Response Management

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This NATO ASI will serve two main purposes:

  1. to introduce a new and technically very challenging technology domain Data or Information Fusion for application in a currently very pertinent purpose, namely security, to a group of NATO and Partner specialists; and
  2. to facilitate contact between the specialists in advanced research centres of NATO and Partner countries with the vast intellectual resources of Armenia and the other former Soviet Republics.

This ASI program will

  1. first provide theoretical background for Data/Information Fusion methods and techniques,
  2. then will discuss practical considerations for choosing the appropriate set of methods and the Data Fusion Architecture for an application, and
  3. ultimately will conclude with discussions of a number of Security-Related Civil Science and Technology (SST) applications.

Lecture or poster abstracts relevant to the ASI Topics should be sent to the organizers:

For those who have already sent abstracts of prospective lectures or posters, if you wish

  • to modify or expand on existing lectures, or
  • add new lectures,

Please contact the above organizers before May 1.

In addition to the above-mentioned people, the executive committee is completed by

  • Dr. Eloi Bossé, Thrust Leader of Maritime C3I, Defence Research and Development Canada at Valcartier, Québec, Canada, and
  • Dr. Galina Rogova, Encompass Consulting, Rochester, NY, USA.


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