Data Fusion for Situation Monitoring, Incident Detection, Alert and Response Management

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This ASI "Data Fusion for Situation Monitoring, Incident Detection, Alert and Response Management" will continue the exploration of the relatively young discipline called Data or Information Fusion, subsequent to the Multisensor Data Fusion ASI held in Pitlochry, Scotland, UK, 25 Jun 2000 - 7 Jul 2000.

The first ASI held in Pitlochry was classified to be within the Physical and Engineering Science and Technology (PST) Scientific areas, and concentrated mainly on exploitation of Mathematics, Engineering, Computer Science, Statistics and other sciences within the methods, techniques and applications of Data Fusion.

The current ASI will mainly focus on applying Data/Information Fusion for Security-Related Civil Science and Technology (SST) applications.

To this end, two types of lectures will be presented
1. lectures on the general data fusion techniques and methods, with emphasis on security related issues, whenever possible. The topics covered can include, but are not limited to:

  • Sensor or Data Fusion, or more generally
  • Information Fusion
  • Object Recognition
  • Detection
  • Tracking
  • Identification
  • Architectures
  • Databases

2. lectures on specific security related subjects, which include, but are not limited to:

  • Situation Monitoring
  • Incident Detection
  • Alert and
  • Response Management -with the preference being papers of the latter type (application-specific).

Please refer to the Call for Papers for the method of submitting candidate lecture or poster abstracts. Prospective lecturers are encouraged to submit 3 abstracts, although a lesser number is also acceptable.

The lectures of the meeting and some talks will be published as a book by Kluwer in the NATO Science Series.

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