Conférenciers pléniers / Plenary speakers

From Elie Cartan to Gerard Debreu: Some Applications of Exterior Differential Calculus to Economic Theory

Walter Craig (McMaster)
Bounds on Kolmogorov Spectra for the Navier-Stokes Equations

Autres conférenciers invités / Other invited speakers

Michael Chapwanya (SFU)
Modeling Gravity Driven Fingered Flow in Porous Media

Thierry Daude (McGill)
Recovering the Mass and the Charge of Reissner-Nordstrom Black Holes by an Inverse Scattering Experiment

Clement Gallo (McMaster)
The Dark Solitons of One Dimensional NLS Equations

Meijiao Guan (UBC)
Global Existence and Blow Up for Harmonic Map Heat Flow

Jun-Fang Li (McGill)
The Quermassintegral Inequalities for Starshaped Domains

Amir Moradifam (UBC)
Bessel Potentials and Optimal Hardy and Hardy-Rellich Inequalities

Tadahiro Oh (Toronto)
Invariant Gibbs Measure and Almost Surely Global Well-posedness of the Periodic Schrödinger-Benjamin-Ono System

Roland Roeder (Toronto)
Complex Dynamics for the Lee-Yang Zeros

Benjamin Stephens (Toronto)
On the Geometry of Gross-Pitaevski Vortex Curves for Generic Data

Xiangjin Xu (McGill)
Eigenfunction Estimates for Spectral Cluster with $C^{1,\alpha}$ Metrics and Multiplier Problems

Zhenbin Yan (McGill)
On a Birkhoff Mormal Form Theorem for 1-d Gross-Pitaevskii Equations