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Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Statement of the Centre de recherches mathématiques (CRM)

As an institute dedicated to research in mathematical sciences, the CRM is committed to offer an equitable, diverse and inclusive environment to all members of its mathematical community. The benefits of this approach are well studied. Towards this goal, the CRM identifies four broad principles:

1) Aim for equal opportunities by implementing inclusive and equitable practices, by consulting its community, and by adapting its practices to address the needs of all;
2) Value diversity by showcasing and celebrating projects by marginalized groups in mathematics;
3) Facilitate access to mathematical knowledge and research for marginalized groups;
4) Support research and teaching in French in order to attract French speaking students from Québec and other countries, particularly those coming from disadvantaged and marginalized groups.

These four principles will serve as guidelines for future actions and commitments. The values associated to inclusion and equity are part of the foundations of the CRM for which the commitment to these principles is in continuous evolution. Central to its vision, the CRM acknowledges each and every person's unique identity. Through its actions, the CRM also aims to increase its members' awareness of the impact of unconscious bias and to better position itself against its negative consequences.

The CRM is implementing such initiatives so that diverse voices can participate and contribute equitably at all levels of its organisation. The CRM rejoices in the diversity of its members and it encourages access to activities for all, regardless of their individual characteristics, including gender, age, religion, living with a disability, being a member of First peoples, of a racialized group or of any other marginalized group.

The CRM wants to celebrate and highlight the diversity of its community and to incite mathematical curiosity in the largest possible audience by opening its doors as wide as possible!