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During the last few years, various new developments have taken place in the field of quantum integrable systems. One of the major issues that stand out is the exact description of correlation functions. Important progress has been made in the long distance asymptotics for correlation functions in integrable spin chains. Understanding the short distance structure has advanced, and exact formulas have been derived for dynamical and finite temperature cases. Progress on correlation functions and form factors resulted in direct applications to condensed matter systems. In integrable quantum field theory, important works have been done for the vacuum expectation values of local fields, theory of Q-operators and its relation to ODE and classical integrable systems. Aside from these `traditional' topics, the emerging role of integrable systems in various other fields has been revealed, often in a quite unexpected manner. The relevant topics range over such diverse areas as the AdS/CFT correspondence, quantum entanglement, combinatorics, integrable stochastic processes and growth models.

The aim of this workshop is to bring together the leading experts, highlighting these activities, sharing an overview and exchanging ideas, in order to promote further developments. The topics include correlation functions, new development in the Ising model, Q operators and separation of variables, vacuum expectation values, connection to string theory and AdS/CFT correspondence, combinatorial structures, quantum entanglement, and applications to condensed matter physics. Presentation of the latest results along with a comprehensive review of the current state of the subject should bring benefits to both junior and senior researchers.

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