Minicourse on Advanced Algorithms and Numerical Software for the Bifurcation Analysis of Dynamical Systems

June 30 - July 1, 2007
Organizers: E Doedel (Concordia), H Osinga (Bristol)

Lectures will be aimed in the first instance at graduate students and postdoctoral fellows who have a need for advanced numerical techniques in the study of applied dynamical systems that arise in their research. It is expected that there will also be experienced researchers in dynamical systems and its applications who will be interested in the course.

The format of the course will consist of invited lectures by experts in applied dynamical systems who are known for their contributions to the theory and the software implementation of advanced numerical techniques, and who are also recognized as excellent lecturers. The lecturers will be strongly encouraged to include illustrative computer demonstrations in their presentation.

The lectures will be followed by work sessions, where the lecturers and additional experts will be present to assist the participants with basic numerical experiments and with more advanced numerical computations that arise in the research of the participants.  Assistance and advice will be available on several levels, ranging from technical assistance with software and issues related to numerical algorithms, to theoretical issues related to mathematical models under consideration.