Workshop on Advanced Algorithms and Numerical Software for the Bifurcation Analysis of Dynamical Systems

July 2-7, 2007
Organizers: E Doedel (Concordia), H Osinga (Bristol)

There is an increased need for advanced computational and visualization tools in the study of dynamical systems that arise in important physical applications, and that are modeled by complicated or large-scale systems of equations. The computational tools must provide capabilities that go well beyond simple simulation: for example, they identify and classify important bifurcations, and they determine critical manifolds in phase space or in parameter space that separate regions of fundamentally different dynamics.  Such tools must also be applicable to conservative systems and to systems possessing certain symmetries. State-of-the-art graphical tools are typically required for the representation and the interpretation of such computational results.

This workshop will bring together computational scientists and applied mathematicians who develop such advanced computational and visualization tools, or who have a strong need for such tools in their investigations. The emphasis will be on the numerical analysis of discrete and continuous dynamical systems that model important physical phenomena. Specific topics include algorithms and software for the computation and visualization of bifurcations, invariant manifolds, and traveling wave phenomena, in nonlinear ordinary differential equations, delay and functional differential equations, and in certain classes of partial differential equation, especially nonlinear parabolic systems.