A Celebration of Raoul Bott's Legacy
in Mathematics
Organizer: Robert Kotiuga (Boston University)
References and Pointers

1) Raoul Bott wrote a relatively long Autobiographical Sketch and a more detailed article entitled The Dozinger Years (1932-1939) in Vol. 1 of his collected papers, cited below. Much anecdotal history can also be found in his later expository papers.

2) Robert D. MacPherson editor, Raoul Bott: Collected Papers, Birkhauser, Boston,
V. 1, Topology & Lie Groups, 1994                            
V. 2, Differential Operators, 1994    
V. 3, Foliations, 1995                         
V. 4, Mathematics Related to Physics, 1995

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4) Allyn Jackson, Interview with Raoul Bott, Notices of the AMS, 48, (2001), # 4, pp374-382. Online at http://www.ams.org/ams/fea-bott.pdf . See also Raoul Bott, "On Topology and Other Things", Notices of the AMS, 32, (1985), pp129-164.

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6) The following two preprints, coauthored by confirmed speakers, are two wonderful examples of how Raoul Bott’s early work has a profound influence on current research:

Peter Teichner’s (coauthored) preprint, K-Theory: From Closed Geodesics to SUSY Field Theories is available at: http://math.berkeley.edu/~teichner/Papers/Bott-EFT.pdf

Nancy Hingston’s (coauthored) preprint, Loop Products and Closed Geodesics is available at: http://www.math.ias.edu/~goresky/pdf/loops.pdf