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SMS 2021 - Call for Applications

The Séminaire de Mathématiques Supérieures invites applications from teams interested to organize the 2021 summer school.

General information about  the school can be found here.

For past schools see this link.

We give here additional information that is of use to potential organizers:

Funding: Most if not all of the funding necessary to organize the school will be provided by the participating institutions. The organizers may seek additional support if needed.  

Time and place: The school takes place during a period of two weeks between June 1 and August 31. Most of the time the school is held in Montréal and is hosted by the CRM, though in some cases it could be possible to hold the school in Toronto hosted by the Fields Institute or in Vancouver hosted by the PIMS.

Responsibilities of the organizers: The main duties of the organizing team  are to ensure the high scientific level of the school by inviting top level lecturers, by selecting high quality students and by coordinating the scientific program. They have full control (inside some fixed) parameters of their budget. Additionally, they are supposed to supervise the preparation of the proceedings of the lectures (to be published by the CRM) and to prepare appropriate advertising material before the school and a full report covering both scientific and budgetary matters at its end.

Local arrangements: Local arrangements - for both speakers and students - are taken care of by the host Institute.  However, it is preferable for one of the organizers to  be a member of the local mathematical community who could serve as interface concerning logistics.

Application process: Applications are accepted until September 30, 2019. An application consists of a scientific description, a list of potential speakers (possibly with some indication of their interest in participating) and  an explanation of the significance of the event.  The whole project should not be longer than six pages of text. Please send applications as .pdf files, to the director of the SMS, Iosif Polterovich, by e-mail at