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CRM-2338Adams, M., Harnad, J., Hurtubise, J.Darboux coordinates on coadjoint orbits of Lie algebras
CRM-2332Hurtubise, J.Moduli spaces and particle spaces
CRM-2335Lina, J.-M.Image processing with complex Daubechies wavelets
CRM-2443Harnad, J.Bispectral operators of rank 1 and dual isomonodromic deformations
CRM-2444Viallon, M.-C., Arminjon, P.Convergence of a finite volume extension of the Nessyahu-Tadmor scheme on unstructured grids for a two-dimensional linear hyperbolic equation
CRM-2446Michel, L., Winternitz, P.Families of transitive primitive maximal simple Lie subalgebras of $\mathrm{diff}_n$
CRM-2442van Diejen, J. F.On certain multiple Bailey, Rogers and Dougall type summation formulas
CRM-2445Winternitz, P.Symmetry analysis of difference equations
CRM-2441Floreanini, R., LeTourneux, J., Vinet, L.Symmetry techniques for the Al-Salam-Chihara polynomials
CRM-2437Grundland, A. M., Martina, L., Rideau, G.Partial differential equations with differential constraints
CRM-2436Janot, C., Patera, J.Simple physical generation of quasicrystals
CRM-2384Broer, A.A vanishing theorem for Dolbeault cohomology of homogeneous vector bundles
CRM-2383Frappat, L., Sciarrino, A., Sciuto, S., Sorba, P.Anyonic realization of the quantum affine Lie superalgebra $\mathcal{U}_q(\hat A(M-1,N-1))$
CRM-2385van Diejen, J. F.Confluent hypergeometric orthogonal polynomials related to the rational quantum Calogero system with harmonic confinement
CRM-2379Berest, Y., Winternitz, P.Huygens' principle and separation of variables
CRM-2380Dunkl, C. F.Intertwining operators of type $\mathrm{B}_N$
CRM-2382Tremblay, S., Winternitz, P.Solvable Lie algebras with triangular nilradicals
CRM-2387Bélair, J.Stability analysis of an age-structured model with a state-dependent delay
CRM-2381Blais, M., MacGibbon, B.Une approche par la théorie d'information d'un théorème limite pour les processus stochastiques réversibles
CRM-2378Lina, J.-M., Scott, J.Adaptive shrinkage with complex Daubechies wavelets
CRM-2374Langlands, R. P., Saint-Aubin, Y.Aspects combinatoires des équations de Bethe
CRM-2375Nikolaev, I.Flows with disjoint \mathcal Q-sets
CRM-2376Nikolaev, I.Foliations and umbilical points on surfaces
CRM-2377Ayari, S., Dubuc, S.Functional equations through subdivision algorithms
CRM-2373Thomova, Z., Winternitz, P., Zakrzewski, W. J. M.Solutions of (2+1)-dimensional spin systems
CRM-2438Kallel, S.Spaces of particles on manifolds and generalized Poincaré dualities
CRM-2423Huber, C., MacGibbon, B.Lower bounds for estimating a hazard
CRM-2372Lina, J.-M., Drouilly, P.The importance of the phase of the symmetric Daubechies wavelets representation of signals
CRM-2406Lessard, S.Fisher's fundamental theorem of natural selection revisited
CRM-2371Lam, C. S. H., Patera, J., Sharp, R.Generating functions for the Coxeter group H4
CRM-2369van Diejen, J. F., Stokman, J. V.Multivariable $q$-Racah polynomials
CRM-2362Hurtubise, J.Particles and connections on four-manifolds
CRM-2368Lapointe, L., Vinet, L.Rodrigues formulas for the Macdonald polynomials
CRM-2348Gamache, M., Soumis, F., Marquis, G., Desrosiers, J.A column generation approach for large scale aircrew rostering problems
CRM-2360Lapointe, L., Vinet, L.A short proof of the integrality of the Macdonald $(q,t)$-Kostka coefficients
CRM-2347Derun, E. N., Kolyshkin, A. A., Vaillancourt, R.Analysis of the interaction between the phase-shifted fields of two coils carrying currents and a conducting medium
CRM-2351Olien, L., Bélair, J.Bifurcations, stability, and monotonicity properties of a delayed neural network model
CRM-2365Krauskopf, B., Rousseau, C.Codimension-three unfoldinmgs of reflectionally symmetric planar vector fields
CRM-2358Clarke, F. H., Ledyaev, Y., Stern, R. J.Complements, approximations, smoothings and invariance properties
CRM-2345Lapointe, L., Vinet, L.Creation operators for the Macdonald and Jack polynomials
CRM-2355Delfour, M. C., Zhao, J.Intrinsic nonlinear models of shells for Saint Venant-Kirchhoff materials
CRM-2353Chen, L., Moody, R. V., Patera, J.Non-crystallographic root systems
CRM-2346Ashino, R., Nagase, M., Vaillancourt, R.On a construction of multiwavelets
CRM-2349Dubeau, F., Savoie, J.On best error bounds for deficient splines
CRM-2354Grimm, S.On orbit sum values of elements of finite order
CRM-2361Spiridonov, V., Zhedanov, A.On the origin of contiguous relations for orthogonal polynomials
CRM-2357Hussin, V., Lauzon, A., Rideau, G.Oscillator quantum groups from $R$-matrix method
CRM-2359Berest, Y.Solution of a restricted Hadamard's problem in Minkowski spaces
CRM-2356Sciarrino, A., Winternitz, P.Symmetries and solutions of the vector nonlinear Schrödinger equation
CRM-2350Dubeau, F., Savoie, J.More on the roots of Euler-Frobenius polynomials
CRM-2344Spiridonov, V., Zhedanov, A.Zeros and orthogonality of the Askey-Wilson polynomials for $q$ a root of unity
CRM-2340Julien, I., Bélair, J.Analysis of a system of two coupled neural oscillators
CRM-2342Berest, Y., Lutsenko, I. M.Huygens' principle in Minkowski spaces and soliton solutions of the Korteweg–de Vries equation
CRM-2341Nagase, M., Vaillancourt, R.On the boundedness of pseudo-differential operators in $L^p$-spaces
CRM-2343Lafortune, S.Superposition formulas for pseudo-orthogonal matrix Riccati equations and physical applications
CRM-2337Qaddouri, A., Roy, R., Mayrand, M., Goulard, B.Collision probability calculation and multigroup flux solvers using PVM
CRM-2334Ayari, A., Hussin, V.Computations of Lie supersymmetries for Grassmann-valued differential equations
CRM-2339Kolyshkin, A. A., Vaillancourt, R.On the stability of convective flow between porous cylinders with radial flow
CRM-2336Yang, G., Fortin, M., Perreal, Y.a finite element method for simulation of the hydrodynamic model of semiconductor devices
CRM-2329Perron, F.On a conjecture of Krishnamoorthy and Gupta
CRM-2331Mirandette, B.Problèmes non linéaires pour des systèmes d'équations différentielles avec condition initiale ou périodique
CRM-2333Hurtubise, J.Some algebraic geometry of integrable systems
CRM-2330Yang, G., Delfour, M. C., Fortin, M.Uniformly error analysis of mixed finite elements for cylindrical shell
CRM-2427Ali, S. T., Brooke, J. A., Gazeau, J.-P.A geometric framework for squeezed states
CRM-2427Ali, S. T., Brooke, J. A., Gazeau, J.-P.A geometric framework for squeezed states
CRM-2394Doray, L. G.A semi-parametric estimator of the IBNR reserve
CRM-2413Yatracos, Y.A small sample optimality property of the MLE
CRM-2430Van Vliet, C. M., Vasilopoulos, P.Addenda to: Master hierarchy of kinetic equation for binary collisions
CRM-2415Yatracos, Y.Assessing the accuracy of bootstrap samples
CRM-2388Clarke, F. H., Ledyaev, Y., Sontag, R., Subbotin, A. I.Asymptotic controllability implies feedback stabilization
CRM-2422Altman, N. S., MacGibbon, B.Consistent bandwidth selection for kernel binary regression
CRM-2392Doray, L. G.Constrainted forecasting of the number of claims incurred
CRM-2439Adams, M., Harnad, J., Hurtubise, J.Darboux coordinates and Serre duality
CRM-2425Grimm, S., Patera, J.Decomposition of tensor products of the fundamental representation of E8
CRM-2426Broer, A.Decomposition varieties in semisimple Lie algebras
CRM-2370Dubois, S., Sankoff, D.Disclosure enumerators and Schegloff's denominators
CRM-2393Luong, A., Doray, L. G.Efficient estimators for the good family
CRM-2412Toth, J. A.Eigenfunction localization in the quantized rigid body
CRM-2410Farrell, P. J., MacGibbon, B., Tomberlin, T. J.Empirical Bayes small area estimation of proportions in multistage designs
CRM-2396Rustom, C., Bélair, J.Estimation numérique de la vitesse de décroissance des spectres de puissance
CRM-2421Dufresne, D.From compound interest to Asian options
CRM-2390Clarke, F. H.Generalized solutions of the Hamilton-Jacobi equation: A survey
CRM-2432Van Vliet, C. M.Gigahertz nonequilibrium noise in mesoscopic conductors
CRM-2391Luong, A., Doray, L. G.Goodness of fit test statistics for the zeta family
CRM-2395Mahaffy, J., Bélair, J., Mackey, M. C.Hematopoietic model with moving boundary condition and state dependent delay
CRM-2404Rosenberg, I. G.Hypergroups induced by paths of a directed graph
CRM-2402Chajda, I., Czédli, G., Rosenberg, I. G.Kernels of tolerance relations
CRM-2433Benamira, F., Van Vliet, C. M.Landauer's multichannel conductance formula: Linear response-theory approach
CRM-2424Patera, J.Noncrystallographic root systems and quasicrystals
CRM-2435Van Vliet, C. M.Nonequilibrium noise from LF to Terahertz range in mesoscopic and balistic quasi-D conductors
CRM-2398Frigon, M.On a critical point theory for multivalued functionals and applications to partial differential inclusions
CRM-2408Arminjon, P., Dervieux, A.On the maximum principle for non-oscillatory finite volume or Lagrange-Galerkin schemes
CRM-2403Pogosyan, G., Miyakawa, M., Nozaki, A., Rosenberg, I. G.On the number of clique Boolean functions
CRM-2429Dufresne, D.On the stochastic equation $\mathcal{L}(X) = \mathcal{L}[B(X+ C)]$ and a property of gamma distributions
CRM-2431Van Vliet, C. M., Srunivasan, R.Quantum transport and noise in the transition from mesoscopic to balistic devices
CRM-2434Van Vliet, C. M.Quantum transport in solids
CRM-2414Nicoleris, T., Yatracos, Y.Rates of convergence of estimates, Kolmogorov entropy and the dimensionality reduction principle, in regression
CRM-2440Harnad, J.Separation of variables in classical and quantum integrable systems
CRM-2411Ali, S. T., Goldin, G. A.Some coherent states of the diffeomorphism group
CRM-2411Ali, S. T., Goldin, G. A.Some coherent states of the diffeomorphism group
CRM-2428Gagnon, L., Drissi-Smaili, F.Speckle reduction of airborne SAR images with symmetric Daubechies wavelets
CRM-2409Pal, J., Schlomiuk, D.Summing up the dynamics of quadratic polynomial vector fields with a center
CRM-2416Yatracos, Y.Variance, clustering and identification of high leverage points

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