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A celebration of analytic number theory, a conference in honor of Andrew Granville

Dates and place
Sep 5-9, 2022, CRM

Brief description

One cannot imagine a more spectacular decade than the last one for analytic number theory, with significant progress on so many long-standing open questions by a stellar new generation of mathematicians. To mention only a few, the breakthrough work of Maynard on gaps between primes, of Matomäki and Radziwill on averages of multiplicative functions and on Chowla's conjecture, and that of Harper on the distribution of random multiplicative functions have been incredibly tremendously influential. Andrew Granville has played a substantial role in these developments, both by doing foundational work and by mentoring several of the new key players of the field.

The aim of this week-long conference is to gather analytic number theorists to discuss and share recent progress. In addition, the conference will honour Andrew Granville's many important contributions  on the occasion of his 60th birthday.