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Campus MIL

All talks on Monday and Tuesday will be held at the new campus MIL of the Université de Montréal, in room A-1502.1 (google maps link). This room is located in the Aile A of the Pavillon des Sciences. The street address is 1375 rue Therese-Lavoie-Roux. To get there, take the subway up to l'ACADIE station, on the blue line. There is a big passerelle in front of the subway, take it and walk to the first street (Therese-Lavoie-Roux). Just to your right, you have the building "Aile A". You must enter it by the door on Therese-Lavoie-Roux. The conference room A.1502.1 is just there at the entrance. 

For a map of the campus MIL site, click here

On Monday, there will be registration in the hall next to A.1502.1, and the breakfast, coffee break and reception will be in the big Atrium which is very close to A.1502.1, taking the first corridor to the left. On Tuesday, the breakfast and coffee break will be in the hall next to A.1502.1.

There are many very nice restaurant options next to campus MIL:

  • If you walk on Wiseman from Therese-Lavoie-Roux up to Van Horne, and then turn left, you will see many. In particular, the cafés Dante and Clafoutis  have a great selection of sandwiches and food to go that can be eaten in the John F. Kennedy park nearby or on the campus. You could also try folfol, which is a counter serving food from the famous Montréal restaurant Damas. Continuing on Wiseman, you arrive on Bernard, a very pretty pedestrian street with many restaurants, french bistro, italian, etc. Among them, Le Petit Italien or Brasserie Bernard are very nice (and others too!).
  • If you walk northwest on Acadie and then turn right on Jean-Talon, you will find many restaurants such as the excellent Indian restaurant Chand Palace

Main UdeM Campus

For a map of the main UdeM campus, click here

Pavillon Roger-Gaudry

All talks on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday will be held at the main Université de Montréal campus, in room M-415 of Pavillon Roger-Gaudry (google maps link) . This building is within walking distance from the Hotel Terrasse Royale. To arrive by subway, take the blue line till the station UNIVERSITÉ DE MONTRÉAL. Right after the tourniqués, make a left and then go through the double doors to take the large tunnel with the escalators going up the mountain. At the top of the tunnel, exit on either side and get up to the ground level; do not continue underground, as you will be likely lost in the UdeM tunnel maze. The Pavillon Roger-Gaudry is the large building you will see in front of you. You should enter it from the main door in the center. The room M-415 is right there, on the right side of the main lobby.

Most food options are around Cote-des-Neiges (CDN). You could try Chez Lee on Queen Mary, Pokai or Atami Sushi on CDN, Monteiro on Decelles, and some of the many small restaurants on Lacombe, between CDN and Decelles. There is also Duc de Lorraine a bit further east on CDN, a famous French pastry shop where you could go for dessert. Lastly, the UdeM main campus has two cafeteries, located in the library building and in the HEC building on Decelles, respectively.

Pavillon Jean-Coutu

On Thursday September 8, at 7:30pm, there will be a special public lecture by James Maynard on the magic of primes. To attend it, you must register here. The location of the talk is the Pavillon Jean-Coutu. For instructions on how to get there, see this map