FastRFS: Fast and Accurate Robinson-Foulds Supertrees using Constrained Exact Optimization
Pranjal Vachaspati and Tandy Warnow

HIPPI: Highly Accurate Protein Family Classification with Ensembles of HMMs
Nam-Phuong Nguyen, Michael Nute, Siavash Mirarab and Tandy Warnow

An analytical upper bound on the number of loci required for all splits of a species tree to appear in a set of gene trees
Lawrence Uricchio, Tandy Warnow and Noah Rosenberg

Anchoring quartet-based phylogenetic distances and applications to species tree reconstruction
Erfan Sayyari and Siavash Mirarab

Exploring phylogenetic hypotheses via Gibbs sampling on evolutionary networks
Yun Yu, Christopher Jermaine and Luay Nakhleh

Economic importance, taxonomic representation and scientific priority as drivers of genome sequencing projects
Geneviève Vallée, Daniella Santos Munoz and David Sankoff

Scaling Statistical Multiple Sequence Alignment to Large Datasets
Michael Nute and Tandy Warnow

Probabilistic inference of lateral gene transfer events
Mehmood Alam Khan, Owais Mahmudi, Ikram Ullah, Lars Arvestad and Jens Lagergren

In the Light of Deep Coalescence: Revisiting Trees Within Networks
Jiafan Zhu, Yun Yu and Luay Nakhleh

Genome rearrangements with indels in intergenes restrict the scenario space
Laurent Bulteau, Guillaume Fertin and Eric Tannier

On the consistency of orthology relationships
Mark Jones, Christophe Paul and Celine Scornavacca

A continuous analog of run length distributions reflecting accumulated fractionation events
Zhe Nicole Yu and David Sankoff

Reconstructing ancestral gene orders with duplications guided by synteny level genome reconstruction
Ashok Rajaraman and Jian Ma

Evolution of transcriptional networks in yeast: alternative teams of transcriptional factors for different species
Adriana Muñoz, Daniella Santos Munoz, Aleksey Zimin and James Yorke

Comparative Genomics Meets Topology: a Novel View on Genome Median and Halving Problems
Nikita Alexeev, Pavel Avdeyev and Max Alekseyev

Assisted transcriptome reconstruction and splicing orthology
Samuel Blanquart, Jean-Stéphane Varré, Paul Guertin, Amandine Perrin, Anne Bergeron and Krister Swenson

Fast ancestral gene order reconstruction of genomes with unequal gene content
Pedro Feijao and Elói Araújo

Xenolog Classification
Charlotte Darby, Maureen Stolzer, Patrick Ropp, Daniel Barker and Dannie Durand.

A performance study of the impact of recombination on species tree analysis
Zhiwei Wang and Kevin Liu

Reconstruction of ancestral RNA sequences under multiple structural constraints
Olivier Tremblay-Savard, Vladimir Reinharz and Jerome Waldispuhl