Aisenstadt Chair

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Robert Seiringer (IST Austria)
Stay: September 10-142018

Seiringer’s lectures will be a part of the workshop on Many-Body Quantum Mechanics (September 10–14) and will take place on September 10, 11, and 13, respectively.

SeiringerRobert Seiringer studied physics at the University of Vienna where he received his doctorate in 2000. With a Schrödinger scholarship, he went in 2001 to Princeton University. From 2010 till 2013, he is professor at McGill University. He is now professor at the Institute of Science and Technology Austria (IST Austria). He received a Sloan fellowship in 2004, the Henri PoincaréPrize in 2009 and the Steacie Memorial Fellowship in 2012. He was an invited speaker at ICM in 2014. He is a correspondent member of the Austrian Academy of Sciences since 2017 and currently the president of the the IAMP. Robert Seiringer and his research group focus on many-body systems in quantum mechanics. In particular, they are interested in problems in quantum statistical mechanics and condensed matter physics. Such systems display a rich variety of complex phenomena, and it is of fundamental importance to understand the basic underlying principles as thoroughly and precisely as possible.