Counting arithmetic objects (Ranks of elliptic curves)

November 10-14, 2014

Organizers : Henri Darmon (McGill), Jordan Ellenberg (Wisconsin), Andrew Granville (Montréal)

One of the most dynamic and penetrating emerging themes, which will be the most important focus of the the special year, will be on the exciting topic of counting arithmetic objects. Led by Bhargava's pioneering work, this has lead to new and important results on counting elliptic curves with small rank, fields of certain galois types, counting points on families of higher genus curves, etc. The summer school will introduce many of the finest junior mathematicians to these ideas, lectured by many of the key players in the field. There will be an advanced workshop in November, and we hope to have some of the top people from this area in residence for part of the special year.

Invited speakers: K. Belabas (Bordeaux) *, M. Bertolini (Essen), M. Bhargava (Princeton), H. Brooks (Lausanne), T. Dokchitser (Bristol), V. Dokchitser (Cambridge), J. Ellenberg (Wisconsin) *, E. Ghate (TIFR), B.H. Gross (Harvard) *, Wei Ho (Columbia), M. Matchett Wood (Wisconsin), A. Miller (Princeton) *, C. Pomerance (Darmouth), B. Poonen (MIT), K. Prasanna (Michigan), A. Shankar (Princeton), C. Skinner (Princeton), F. Thorne (South Carolina), E. Urban (Columbia) , J. Voight (Dartmouth), J. Wang (Harvard), S. Zhang (Princeton), W. Zhang (Columbia).

* To be confirmed