The 2014 winter semester will focus on various topics in Lie theory, including

  • combinatorial representation theory
  • Kac-Moody and related Lie algebras and their representations
  • Hall and cluster algebras
  • categorification and geometric representation theory
  • Lie theory and mathematical physics

The goal of the semester is to highlight recent advances in these and related fields and to foster interaction and collaboration between both young and established researchers working in these areas. Winter schools will be aimed at graduate students and postdoctoral fellows, while workshops will serve as a venue for the dissemination and discussion of cutting edge research in Lie theory.

A special issue of the journal SIGMA will be devoted to the topics of the semester. Submissions are invited from the program participants and all other authors working in the field.


There will be several postdoctoral positions connected to the program. Potential applicants should contact the organizers.