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Contour Plotting using Java

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About this applet...

This applet is a work in progress. It was developed by David Rand on a Macintosh using Metrowerks CodeWarrior Java. It has undergone preliminary testing on Macintosh and UNIX platforms. If you experience problems with this applet, please inform the author by e-mail at rand@CRM.UMontreal.CA; be sure to specify your platform and browser. Thanks in advance.

The plotting algorithm was taken from a Fortran program by Snyder [1]. The program was first translated into C, then reworked, and finally translated into Java. Flanagan [2] was indispensable for the Java implementation. A feature article [3] describing this applet has been published in MacTech magazine. You may download the complete Java source code as a compressed archive from MacTech's web site. You may also access the Java source code as plain text directly on this site.


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