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Slides [ PDF]

Beyond Assistance: The role of models in forest inventory
Tim Gregoire, Yale University

Incorporating auxiliary information in forest survey estimates using nonparametric methods
Jean Opsomer, Colorado State University

Variance estimation for nearest neighbour techniques
Ron McRoberts, USDA Forest Service, Erkki O. Tomppo, Finnish Forest Research
Institute,Gherardo Chirici University of Molise

Developing forest inventory sampling design - case Tanzania
Erkki O. Tomppo, Finish Forest Research Institute

Efficient allocation of field sampling utilizing forest resource maps
Juha Heikkinen, Finish Forest Research Institute

Advances in hierarchical spatial models for quantifying forest attributes
Andrew Finley, Michigan State University

Issues and challenges related to forest inventory in the province of Quebec
Jean-Gabriel Élie, ministère des Ressources naturelles et de la Faune du Québec

Bias in Photo Interpreted Attributes – Can it be Removed? The British Columbian Experience
Margaret Penner, Forest Analysis Ltd. Sam Otukol, British Columbia Ministry of Forests, Mines and Land

The 2011 NLCD Tree Canopy Cover Pilot Project for the US: So many questions, so little time
Gretchen Moisen, USFS - Rocky Mountain Research Station

Connecting single tree growth models to forest inventory data for forest management, and policy and decision making
Valerie LeMay and Ian Moss, University of British Columbia, Hailemariam Temesgen, Oregon State University

Simulating forest growth from trees to stands: Is the prediction uncertainty still assessable
Mathieu Fortin, INRA, France

Linking KNN maps with the allowable cut optimization model: Case study of Valcartier Forest
Chhun-Huor Ung, Jean-Martin Lussier, B. Ferland-Raymond and Jean-François Paquet, Natural Resources Canada, L. Moses and A. Usabuwera, National Defence

Simulate fire regimes, not fire cycles: calibrating landscape fire models from fire management records
Steve Cumming, Université Laval

How to deal with fire risks in the determination of annual allowable cut
Alain Leduc, Université du Québec à Montréal

Uncertainty: a property of minds or of nature? Implications for forest carbon accounting
Juha Metsaranta, Natural Resources Canada

Timber inventory information for use in timber management planning: What you don't know, may cost you
Bruce Borders, University of Georgia

The role of growth predictions in the value of information-analysis
Annika Kangas, University of Helsinki

Planning in forest value chains under uncertainties
Sophie d'Amours, Université Laval

A Bayesian framework for incorporating decisions about inventory into forest planning
Goran Stahl, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences

Closing Remarks
Eliot McIntire, Université Laval, in collaboration with other members of the organizing committee