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Harnessing Math to Demystify Tipping Points

Conférence grand public dans le cadre des 24 heures de science
Lecturer : Mary Lou Zeeman (Bowdoin College)

DATE: Friday May 7, 2021 at 7 p.m.

This conference is available on the CRM’s YouTube channel.


Whatever your talents, and whatever your passions, you can use them to help our planet. This is especially true if you enjoy math. In this talk, we'll explore the mathematics of "tipping points" - dramatic moments when a system suddenly shifts from one state to another and see how it can help us to make decisions for a better world.


Mary Lou Zeemanis the Wells Johnson Professor at Bowdoin College in the US. Her research is in dynamical systems and applications to mathematical biology. She was one of the co-founders or the SIAM Activity Group in Mathematics of Planet Earth. She co-directs the Mathematics Climate Research Network (MCRN). She is very involved in the popularisation of science for sustainable development issues.