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This meeting will lie at the interface between algebraic and geometric combinatorial aspects of Coxeter groups and reflection groups. Reflection groups appear in very many domains of mathematics, for instance,

— as symmetry groups of regular polytopes
— as quotient of Artin-Tits (braid) groups
— via root systems, as Weyl groups of semi-simple Lie algebras, Lie groups, algebraic groups, Kac-Moody algebras or cluster algebras and
— as discrete reflection groups in geometric group theory.

Properties of these groups, finite or infinite, are often key to the understanding of related structures. This conference is concerned with bringing leading experts (and their students and postdocs) to discuss the state of the art in these strongly interconnected and lively areas.

The conference timeline is the following:

May 29-June 2 (Spring school): Monday May 29 will be devoted to introductory lectures, for interested participants, on common background assumed for the school. The main part of the school (May 30-June 2) will consist of four mini-courses.

June 5-June 9 (Workshop): There will be twenty talks of one hour duration (including time for questions), four per day, in areas including but not limited to the themes of the previous week's Spring School.

School participants is limited to around forty .